What is SXSBlog.com?

What is SXSBlog.com? What is a SXS? What is a blog?

Ok maybe you know what a blog is…

SXS is an abbreviation for the words “Side by side” which is a type of offroad vehicle where you ride “side by side”. Some people call them UTVs, Razors (RZRs), bikes, machines, cars, etc. We call them side by sides. Still confused? These are side by sides:




SXSBlog.com is a website started by myself (Nick Leonard) and contributed to by me, Doug Butterfield, and Rick Spencer, as a place to share industry information, rumors, news, and fun things like videos, pictures, and stories from rides we go on.

The sport is becoming more popular by the day, and many new manufacturers are coming out with bigger and badder machines every year. I have a knack and a passion for digging and finding information on the internet and SXSBlog.com was the first to break details about the new Yamaha YXZ side by side and many other great pieces of information. We get anywhere from 75,000 to 150,000 hits per month!!

Still reading? Well come and check out what we do on our Youtube Channel:

SXSBlog.com Youtube Channel

There you can watch videos from our local rides, us modifying things in our garages, and installing/reviewing parts.

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