We’ve been gone… now WE’RE BACK!! SXSBlog Garage Episode 1!

Ok ok… First off, thanks for coming back and sticking with us! Second, sorry for the long layoff. I’ll be honest… I ran out of shit to write about. The Yamaha YXZ stuff really was an exciting time and I think we broke some great news and were excited along the entire journey of its release. With that simmering down quick (and many other media outlets getting YXZs to test while we sit here and twiddle our thumbs) I sort of felt like we had nothing left to say.

There has been some Wildcat news, some general Arctic Cat news, and some Can-Am news that no one is talking about yet. More on that soon…

I needed something to get me back in the mood of updating this site. I was scared that the views would run out, but traffic has been fairly steady despite the lack of new content.  I appreciate that.

So, we’re trying something new.

Inspired by the likes of Roadkill, Haggard Garage, Hot Rod Garage, and countless other “how to/comedy/vlog” style videos we’re bringing to you SXSBlog.com Garage!

We put a ton of hours in the garage working on SXSs, so I figured why not document it? We also constantly laugh, crack jokes, and talk shit to eachother which makes for a pretty entertaining time. Armed with my trusty Sony HX50V I set out early Saturday morning to make a “quick” video on us working on Rick’s new Maverick and then a ride on Sunday. Of course a “quick” video turned into a 48 minute video, but bear with us while we laugh, cry, and have a great time together.

In Episode 1 we get our first look at Rick’s new Maverick that has a belt slip problem. We remove the failed “lock up clutch mod”, clean up the clutches, install a new belt, and wrap the headers. Then we have some highlights (and low lights) from a ride we took the following day.

So with out further adieu, here is the first episode of SXSBlog.com Garage unofficially brought to you by Mountain Dew and Little Caesar’s Hot and Ready pizza: