We’re going to the Rubicon!

There are few names as synonymous with off-roading as BFGoodrich, the iconic tire manufacturer that has been pumping out high performance tires for decades.

If you aren’t familiar with BFG, then you’re probably living under a rock, which incidentally is a great place to use BFG tires.


They’ve recently launched the new Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 and they want all of the off-road world to know about it.  To achieve that goal they have organized the BFGoodrich KM3 Terrain Takeover, a multi-day media event which puts the new KM3 to the test in all sorts of situations from street driving Toyota 4Runner’s & high speed lapping Ford Raptors, to hitting one of the toughest off-road trails known, the Rubicon Trail, in RZRs.

BFG said that they wanted to prove how impressive of an all-around performer this new tire is, and then they said this, “Hey buds, why don’t you come along?”

Unfortunately they only had one spot for us available, so our fearless leader Nick is representing the crew solo, but there is sure to be a ton of awesome content from this ride over the next couple of days so stay tuned to see if these new BFGs will pass the SXSBlog test!

We’ll be posting content from this event here, as well as on our Facebook pageInstagram, and YouTube channel so keep an eye on all of them!

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