Video: YXZ POWER! Supercharger Install!!!

Take a look as we supercharge Scott’s YXZ then immediately put it up against Doug’s bolt-on machine and Nick’s stock X3 to really see what’s up.

It was an install that tested our patience and left us occasionally frustrated, but the payoff was worth it!

4 Comments on "Video: YXZ POWER! Supercharger Install!!!"

  1. Another great video from u guys ,u keep them coming

  2. did you do any internal engine work or would you recommend any for running 5lbs of boost with the supercharger

    • No internal work on this one. As a rule of thumb they can handle 5lbs stock without an issue. There were some manufacturing issues that caused some rods to fail under low boost and even applications, but as long as you aren’t one of the unlucky ones who got one of those you’ll be fine.

  3. What about the exposed belt on the SC? Any concerns there or are you going to make a cover?

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