Video: SXS Long Jump New WORLD RECORD!

It was inevitable, yet no less amazing. The SXS long jump world record previously set at 223 feet by Al McBeth has fallen this memorial day to Tanner Godfrey who launched his RZR Turbo S a monster 247 feet at a decommissioned military base just outside of Salt Lake City.

The jump was part of an event intended to honor the men and women of the armed forces and their military families, and we dig that.

Though he made it look easy, an enormous number of factors have to come together correctly to pull off a jump of this size and no amount of preparation eliminates the risk. Our hats are off to Tanner for going full send for America.

One highlight of this budding jump war is illustration of the capability of these machines. Tanner’s world record jump was accomplished in a factory RZR with an aftermarket roll cage, some beefed up suspension arms, shock tuning, a seat, safety harnesses, and a few power upgrades that are publicly available. THAT’S IT. Take yourself back 5 years and try to imagine anyone jumping a SXS 247 feet… Yeah.

The fact is that the side-by-side is no longer a novelty, it’s an off-road powerhouse and it is here to stay. As radical as Tanner’s jump was, it is sure to be challenged.

Will Al McBeth attempt to re-gain the crown? Will the Blog’s own Nick “Send It” Sous go for glory? Where is the limit? 275? 300? Let us know what you think think in the comments below!

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