Video: Make that belt last! Razorback X3 Gauge Install!

You can have the baddest SXS on the market but that won’t stop you from getting passed by a 2004 John Deere Gator if you perform the multi-piece belt mod in the middle of your ride.

What you need is a gauge that precisely reports the temperature of your belt, so you know when you’re pushing too hard, and even when you should change your belt preemptively.  What you need is Razorback Technology.

These guys use patented infrared technology to quickly & accurately measure the temperature of your actual belt, instead of only relying on trends in output air temperature from your clutch housing which are affected by many factors other than your belt.  This is the best, and the only real belt temp gauge on the market.

What’s better than that?  For a limited time you can use code “SXSBLOG” at checkout to get yourself a deal on one of these bad boys.

Still not convinced, check this video out to see the install and a demo of how well these things really work.

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