The R2C air filter, the last filter you will ever need! friends and family, welcome back.

Imagine you’re getting ready for a ride and you’re doing the usual checkups. This is my normal routine:

  1. Check all lug nuts, make sure wheel bearings are in good shape (this has been an issue before) by checking for play
  2. General look over, try to remember anything I’ve worked on and check that out
  3. Check my service manual (where I write down when I’ve changed the oil and air filter) to see if anythings due……..

Oh crap…. I haven’t checked the air filter for a few rides, and it has been dusty…….

Ok let’s pop it out. This is what you will likely see:

DirtyFilterWHOA! That’s a seriously dirty filter! That thing SURELY isn’t flowing 100% and is it filtering efficiently?

I don’t know, but we’re set to leave in an hour and I can’t clean, dry, and re-oil this thing in time for that.

So what do you do? If it were me, I’d head over to the local dealer (if you’re lucky enough to have one close!) and pay $40-60 for a new filter, put my tail between my legs, and move on…

IF you’re lucky enough to find this dirty filter during regular maintenance, you’d still be spending $12 on a can of aerosol filter cleaner and spending the next hour or so coating the filter in cleaner. Then after that you gotta go inside and hope your wife doesn’t see you putting the dirty filter in your nice white sink because “there’s not warm water in the garage,” then HOPEFULLY it’s not even remotely cold or cloudy outside because the pre-filter AND the regular filter need to sit outside in the sun to dry off.

But you’re not even done! Lastly, you need to get the hopefully dry filters and then re-oil them. So you spray or dump a bunch of oil on the filters and rub it around. You can do the ol’ “put it in a Walmart bag” technique where you drop the filter in then spray/dump the oil on it and rub it around, or just rub in in with your fingers. Either way, you’re likely getting dirty.

What if there was a better way?

Well, sit down and hold onto something. Our friends at R2C performance have come up with the ultimate solution:

A dry non-oiled filter, with WAY better than OEM filtration (for OEM price), that can SIMPLY be blown out with an air hose attachment on your air compressor!! No more sticky oily BS!


Ok I didn’t know these existed. R2c has been a known leader in racing air filtration for years, and has over 3 decades of experience designing and manufacturing air filters for military applications. More recently, they have come out with a number of air filters for the Polaris RZR lineup and now the Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000.

After doing some technical reading from their website and seeing what the forums had to say, I was really intrigued about this filter. I loved seeing this R2c air filter performed better than stock in every aspect, PLUS it has a 51% increased dust holding capability and a 99.992% filtration efficiency in the ISO fine dust test! I ride a lot of dusty trails, how much was my stock filter letting through?!

I don’t know. But what I do know is that with this new R2C filter my engine will be breathing clean fresh air despite how much Doug or Rick’s Maverick kicks up in front of me. And when it get’s dirty, I’ll just blow it out. And, if it somehow gets OVERLY dirty, you can just wash it with simple soap and water.

So here’s what we’re going to do: R2C graciously sent me one of their filters for my Wildcat 1000 for me to test out. I ride a LOT of dusty trails, if you’re from Michigan you understand. I’m going to give it a full review and run it in the nastiest stuff I can find. I’ll keep you updated on cleaning and maintenance as time progresses, so stay tuned.

Also, Rick recorded me installing the filter into my Wildcat. Check out my “how to” video below:

Just to be clear, R2C’s Wildcat filter will fit all production 2012-2016 Wildcat 1000s. The main difference with the 2012 and 2013 models is how the air box lid is removed, but the filter works for all models. The lid just comes off downwards on the 2012 and 2013s, but on the 2013.5+ models, you have to do the “180” method to get the lid off easily.

So do you want one of these bad boys?

Check out R2C’s website at

Check our their Polaris RZR offerings here:

Check out their Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 filter here:

And as always, stay tuned to and check out our Facebook page and our YouTube Channel.

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