The next gen Wildcat news is heating up!

Friends, Happy New Year!

And, it’s finally upon us. The year of the Wildcat. Why do I push this machine so hard? Well, it’s a great David vs. Goliath story and frankly I can’t stop buying cheap Wildcats. Throw it in the gutta, go buy anotha.


I’m sure you’ve seen these pics by now. If not, let me fill you in. Someone found this machine parked out at Glamis apparently with Robby Gordon being the owner. It appears to be a “getting close to production spec” next-gen Wildcat with the naturally aspirated inline triple:

So normally this wouldn’t be a huge surprise except for a few little things:

  1. It’s not turbo! We are predicting a n/a and turbo version of the upcoming Cat and this has been the first evidence of that model existing. Maybe we could see this as a March release?
  2. Those roll cage clamps! For you who don’t own a Wildcat it may not seem like a big deal. But, those are absolutely Arctic Cat “Production Spec” cage clamps that are used among all of their machines. What does that mean? Well, it implies that this particular chassis LIKELY was built in Thief River Falls and not Robby Gordon’s garage. So, that’s certainly a step forward!


What’s next? Well, this weekend is the Parker 250 out in Arizona and it looks like Max Gordon (Robby’s son) has entered with a SST bodied next-gen Wildcat:

It appears this picture was taken out at Robby Gordon’s shop so it’s likely that this is one of the turbo Baja 1000 machines. Unfortunately, it will be competing in the Unlimited class as opposed to the production SXS class so we may not be able to get an accurate idea on how quick it is compared to other side by sides.

What does this all mean? Will Arctic Cat be releasing a new Cat in the near future? Will RG just keep building teasers in his garage?

Honestly, we don’t know. I do know I want a new Wildcat though. What do ya say Arctic Cat?

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  1. They need to give it a car spy paint job 🙂

    Good scoop!

  2. …would be cool a trucklike look on the new cat1 😉 …which new cat btw.!?? ;- ()

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