The NEW Wildcat is right around the corner!

Well folks, we’ve been talking and speculating about the new Wildcat for some time now, but we’re here to tell you that we think this thing is finally almost here.

We’ve had a pretty good idea of what the chassis is going to look like for awhile, and have been getting sneak peaks from the Robby Gordon camp on what is most likely to be the new suspension setup.  The Cat already has a solid suspension though, so that has left us with the biggest question unanswered….

When is the Wildcat going to get some REAL power?!

We have surmised that the new 2017 Wildcat powerplant may be a Yamaha supplied unit, considering their similar partnership in the snowmobile market and indications that they may be looking to expand that relationship.  And today we got a look at the first leaked information on a new mill that will power Yamaha’s newest high-performance snowmobile, the Sidewinder.  While there is no definite information that indicates this will be the engine placed in the new Wildcat, it sure does look like it would be a good fit.

Behold the Genesis 998 cc Turbo engine

Sidewinder Engine

According to Yamaha, the Genesis 998 Turbo will have “more horsepower than any production engine in the history of our performance-obsessed sport”.  Since they are referring to snowmobiles, that would mean that it has to come in north of 180 hp.

When you consider the fact that Arctic Cat’s current top dog 177 hp turbo snowmobile engine is due for retirement, it makes it seem to be an almost certainty that this new Yamaha engine will be finding its way into the hands of the AC sled department.  And if it makes it that far, it’s no large stretch to think it (or some variant of it) will find its way into the new Wildcat.

The new Yamaha engine is due for official release tomorrow, March 1st, and we believe the AC release could come just as soon.  So keep an eye on our Facebook Page for the latest information, and comment to let us know what bomb you think AC is about to drop!


5 Comments on "The NEW Wildcat is right around the corner!"

  1. Tracy Rossman | March 1, 2016 at 8:31 am | Reply

    Sure hope this release info. is correct! Spoke with an AC rep this weekend in vegas and she says it will be pretty bad ass….fingers crossed!

  2. I will never but another arctic cat I have had nothing but problems with mine

    • Sorry to hear that Jason! I bought a used (and likely abused) 2012 that had problems also. I then bought a used (and not abused!) 2013.5 that has been flawless. I will buy another if they hit this 2017 out of the park!

  3. Sure hope they do better than Polaris at making a clutch… A guy on their forum has manufactured a fix and has it in production while Polaris has bumbled around for months replacing bum clutches with more bum ones.

  4. Buggy bandit | March 2, 2016 at 10:35 pm | Reply

    I have a 2014 wildcatX when she’s running I love it but i had a lot of problems with this machine a little over 1600 miles and blew the engine so second guessing to buying another one only problem nothing handle’s as good yet

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