The NEW Can-Am Maverick is coming. Yep, we said it.

Alright, so there’s been a lot of talk lately about the new Arctic Cat Wildcat.  New rear suspension!  New RZR annihilating supercharged engine! Blah blah…..  We’ll probably have real hoverboards by the time AC actually releases that thing to the public.  Calling dibs on right now by the way.


Meanwhile, from within the shadows, we believe Can-Am is about to set loose a new monster of their own.  And no, this isn’t going to be another 10hp bump from a small boost increase or new fuel injectors, this is going to be big.  Sure, you’re skeptical…..I mean, the XDS has only been around for two model years.  All we can say at this point is that MAYBE we heard from a credible source a new Can-Am was on its way.  And MAYBE we heard that it is coming very soon.  And MAYBE we heard that it will be an all new chassis.

So what will it be?

A) We expect a new offering from Can-Am to bridge the gap in suspension travel between the Maverick and its competitors from Polaris and Arctic Cat.  Will they finally go to a trailing arm setup like everyone else?  We’re thinking they may not.  The current XDS rear suspension at 16” of travel does come up short of the RZR and Wildcat’s performance at 18”, but it does have some geometric advantages when it comes to controlling wheel alignment throughout the suspension travel.  For that reason, we think they may opt for another refined, or hybrid version of their TTA suspension with more travel, and (hopefully) better factory shock tuning.

B) More horsepower, because why not.  And also, if the illusive new Wildcat does indeed make it into the wild, that could leave Can-Am in third place out of three in the forced induction horsepower battle.  Surely something the Rotax boys wouldn’t stand for.

C) Factory 6-point roll cage and doors.  If this thing is going to go faster and jump higher, it’s time for some decent safety equipment.

So yeah, an all-new sport SXS from Can-Am might seem like a lot to ask for right now, being that they kicked off the XDS turbo not long ago, but consider the following:

1) Can-Am doesn’t really have a sport class specific chassis today.  The original 2013 Maverick chassis is heavily based on the Commander lineup, and the XDS chassis is only a slight evolution of the original.  We’re sure Can-Am has been working on a “pure sport” (thanks for that term Yamaha) chassis for a while.

2) In a market that is moving as quickly as this one, there is no time to waste.  SXSs are outdated almost as quickly as your cell phone, and these manufacturers want your money just as bad as Apple.  The XDS lineup from Can-Am could have been an interim solution to maintain market share while this all new model was completed.

3) How many rumors did you hear about the XDS turbo before it was released?  That’s right, not many….  It appears that Can-Am prefers to play things close to the chest, unlike some others who like to ride the hype train for months and tease us with leaks….YAMAHA.  One morning you’ll wake up, and there it will be, the new Can-Am Maverick XRS DPS XDS SSRP GT…….X.


As always, stay tuned to as we’ll keep digging for the latest information.  Leave us your comments below, on our Facebook page, or email us at!

7 Comments on "The NEW Can-Am Maverick is coming. Yep, we said it."

  1. Factory doors and harness/bar would be real nice as factory equipment. With good clutching the new Mav could really be a rzr competitor. Hopefully the seats are dropped a little closer to the floor as well.

  2. I have just heard a big fat rumor of Arctic Cat pulling the plug on the deal with Robby Gordon! How true is this…I certainly hope it is NOT. Anyword regarding this situation?

    • Tracy, the only thing RG related that was flushed was the 2016.5 “Special Edition.” There will still be a 2017 model with all the hot RG parts.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply regarding the rumor of RG and AC! Here is another question…anything going on with a sport model from Honda…dam that would be way sweet!

    • So far we’ve seen nothing. Of course after Yamaha came out with someone people will assume Honda will also, and everything that’s been brought up recently is pure speculation. We only report on facts, so if/when we hear something from a confirmed source we’ll report on it.

  4. the news must be no news as far as belts on mavericks are concerned! all maverick turbos do is smoke belts, yet can am wont address this issue…..lame,yours truly, a regretful owner….

  5. Is this a picture of the new can am Maverick 2017 model, when is the 2017 model getting released

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