The NEW 2018 Maverick?! LEAKS!

Uh Oh! Some one got a pic of the rear end of the new Maverick:

I think this confirms our original thoughts that this is a new trail oriented 2 seater!

What do you think?



Just a few hours ago Can-Am released this teaser:

They call this machine “The New Maverick…..” What?!

Wasn’t the X3 the new Maverick? Has my X3s resale value already depleted by the release of this “NEW MAVERICK!?”

Honestly, not a chance in hell.

What you’re looking at here is likely one of two things:

  1. A “single seat” Polaris Ace competitor ORRR
  2. A new “trail level” 50″ model based lightly on X3 design architecture

As we’ve seen in the past the settings for these teaser videos usually foreshadows the new machines intended use. Take the X3’s teaser videos for example: dry lake bed ripping, smashing through the dunes, eating up woops, etc etc. All signs in those videos pointed to a “desert style” machine and Can-Am definitely delivered (more on that later?).

Now this teaser video is set in the woods near a lake with some country/light rock sounding music strumming in the background. Not quite the death metal air catching videos that the X3 had. So of course this all points to a woods machine with limited width meant for trail duty.

Our predictions:

The “New Maverick” will be the axe that finally chops the Commander based Gen 1 Maverick out of the 2018 Can-Am lineup. Not that we hated the rugged Gen 1 Mav, but it has seen minimal changes since it’s 2013 model year (Ok yeah XDS and turbo, yeah I got it) and since the X3 has come out there isn’t much room for an outdated Gen 1 sport model.

We’re looking at a machine that will be on an all new chassis that has design cues inspired from the X3 but made for tight trails. A shorter wheel base (say 82-92 inches) and widths ranging from 50-64″ this machine will fill the Gen 2 trail/sport void that Can-Am inadvertently created when they came out with the absolutely giant X3.

But the motor, ohh the motor. To us right now this is a giant “who knows” situation. No one REALLY saw the 900 ACE coming into play (dude, its a jetski motor) so who knows what BRP has up their sleeves for this. In a perfect world it would be some sort of 2 cylinder 800-850cc turbo mill that pumps out 120hp.

Speculative specs:

800cc turbo twin, 86″ wheel base, 16″ travel, X3 “looking” body, 2 seater.

Regardless, we’re excited about new machines coming into play. With the lack of a “new” 2018 Polaris model this year has been interesting to say the least and we can’t wait to see what Can-Am comes out swinging with.

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