The most useful SXS gauge in existence? A review of the Razorback Technology infrared belt temp gauge!

CVT belts. The literal (and figurative) Achilles heel of modern side x sides. Not only that, but they are a part in which there is no real warning for failure. Assuming you’re not part of the crowd who is willing to plop down $22k for a CVT-less Yamaha YXZ, this is what you have to look forward to:

Cruising down the road? BELTSPLOSION

Climbing a hill? BELTSPLOSION

Leisurely drive through the dunes? BELTSPLOSION

Chasing a XP1k driven by 14 year old girls in your 2013 Maverick up a hill at Silver Lake sand dunes? BELTSPLOSION

Hitting whoops at a speed in which your machine was literally designed to hit whoops at? BELTSPLOSION


(Sorry Doug)

Like a nasty ex-girlfriend, CVT belts never forget what you have done wrong to them. And surely, what you have done will come back to haunt you.

To remedy this, we’ve all been decently pleased by adding belt blowers and CVT clutch housing air temp gauges that measure the ambient air temperature within the CVT housing (no, un-named popular company selling overly priced gauges. Your “belt temp” gauge DOES NOT measure the belt temp. Sorry). But like aiming your garden hose at an apartment complex fire, you’re still going to eventually lose the battle. Belts wear, temps climb, and belts explode. Do you enjoy removing a rubbery rats nest of cords from your secondary? I sure don’t.

So what, if anything, is out there to stop this madness?

There was nothing, but now……. BUT NOW! Someone has finally figured it out. Someone has finally made a gauge so useful that you actually feel good about the investment.

What am I referring to? The Razorback Technology infrared belt temp gauge!


This thing measures THE ACTUAL TEMPERATURE OF THE BELT using a tough clutch cover mounted infrared sensor that pipes the temperature of the belt to a sweet in-dash mounted back-lit LED gauge.

Does such sorcery exist? It certainly does, and it WORKS AWESOME.

I installed this gauge on my 2012 Wildcat 1000…. You know…. the one with the crappy wet clutch…. with the crappy mini bike spec clutches….. with the low hp motor, etc etc. I previously had an Autometer “trans temp” gauge installed that ran to a simple brass water temp sensor that was screwed into my CVT cover outlet. Temps ran from 160-200 which what was “forum verified” normal. I also have a clutch blower installed. So there is no way I am running high belt temps…..?

YEAH RIGHT! My belt was CONSISTENTLY OVER 250F! What the hell? The belt is only a few rides old also. So it shouldn’t be worn? What about the new clutch spring I had installed? Is that just a normal temp? Are the clutches misaligned?

I don’t know.

But what I do know is that without this belt temp gauge I wouldn’t have known I was cooking my belt. Hell, I wasn’t even beating on the machine! This was pussy-footing it at 1/4 throttle through a sandy trail up and down very small hills… and the belt was FRYING. Now instead of scratching my ever-balding head about why I keep blowing belts, I can easily tell it’s because the belt temp is too high. So back off on the secondary clutch spring and see where that takes me.

This gauge is a life-saver. There’s no way around it. No other gauge on the market will give you the type of accuracy and instant feed back that this gauge gives. The LED screen also flashes at you when you get into higher temps. How slick is that? You can keep your eyes on the trail and if you start getting hot, the flashing gauge definitely grabs your attention!

The guys at Razorback Technology also have a lot of data that they have gathered with this gauge so you know where you stand as far as temperatures go. Anywhere from 190F XP1k belts to 300F RZR 800S belts, they have put on a lot of miles and they know exactly what they’re talking about. The gauge designed, made, and assembled in the US, and it’s made by a small group of people who are SXS enthusiasts.. just like you and I.

So what does this thing cost? $999.99?

Not even close! How does $249.99 sound? Pretty damn good to me! That’s less than the price of 2 OEM CVT belts! How great is that?


Let’s not forget….

The “other guys” belt temp gauge (that if you remember right, doesn’t event actually measure the belt temp. Just the air leaving the CVT housing!)  will run you north of $150 bux! And for what, a glorified useless gauge? Don’t even bother with that crap. Hit up Razorback Technology today!

Check Razorback Technology out at and as always, stay tuned to our growing Facebook page at for the latest and greatest SXS info!




4 Comments on "The most useful SXS gauge in existence? A review of the Razorback Technology infrared belt temp gauge!"

  1. I bought one of these and I love it best money spent no kidding. you get real confidence when knowing how hot the belts getting, and can trane your driving style to prolong belt live, all my RZR buddies are going to buy it. by far the best money Ive spent on my RZR by this instead of a spare belt. it works that good..

  2. Nick Cosentino | April 12, 2016 at 8:20 am | Reply

    This ad was the biggest load of crap I’ve seen in a long time. I really enjoyed the lie about the price that was a doozy you should I use bold letters for that one.

  3. Do you make a model that will fit a 2017 Polaris General 4?

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