The 590 Horsepower Nikola NZT

Though we’ve known some details about this machine for many months now, today Nikola Powersports officially released the all electric NZT, and the specs on this thing are CRAZY.

Listen to this…

A 400 volt drive system supplies up to 590 HP / 722 ft lbs!

Acceleration to 60 is accomplished in 3.5 seconds, with a range of 90-150 miles.

20″ of travel wheel travel, and no more axles to break.

33″ tires come stock, as do front and rear winches which is probably a good thing considering these bad boys can be up to 4,200 lbs…

Charging can be accomplished in 7 hrs at 240 volts, or 14 hrs with standard 110.


We knew that big ole electric motors and batteries wouldn’t be light, but what we don’t know is whether or not all that power and a highly sophisticated drive system can make up for the added weight and price tag in the buyer’s eyes (prices start at $28,900).

So whadda ya say Nikola?  Send us one over and we’ll decide.

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