Whoa, not the way I expected to start this Sunday…. but here we are!

Our friends over from have leaked the MOTHERLODE of pics of the new HONDA TALON!!!!

We haven’t talked about it much because simply there wasn’t much to go on, but here’s the pics:

From the pics we honestly can’t tell much, but here’s our observations:

-DCT TRANSMISSION! You can see the paddles on the green machine!

-2 different models, green appears to be a bit wider and the blue is not as wide. Possibly more suspension travel on the green machine as well.

-Front dual a-arms, rear trailing arms with radius rods. We’re guessing 18″ front and 20″ rear travel on the “big boy”

-Longer wheelbase (probably between 90 and 95 inches), somewhere between a XP1000 and a Wildcat X

-Shocks appear to be dual rates up front and likely dual or triple rates in the rear, likely 2.5″ bodies that appear to be Walker Evans 

-Sport seats with holes for 4-point harnesses (Get your best deal on Simpson’s over at

-Laid back seating position

-3/4 doors with integrated door nets (maybe a new standard safety feature?)

-6 point cage with the c-pillar being integrated into a rear bumper possibly, standard plastic roof

-Front mounted radiator

-27 or 28 inch tires

-Totally new design, taking cues from literally every popular design out there and putting it together in a Honda way

So that’s it folks! Do you notice anything else? Are you as excited and as blown away as we are?!

We can’t wait to see and hear more about the new Talon! Until then check out our Facebook pageInstagram, and YouTube channel for the latest news, rumors, rides, and leaks!

34 Comments on "The 2019 HONDA TALON IS HERE!! LEAKS! DCT!"

  1. Um, the red one sitting in the back!

  2. Appears to be a red one like the green one in the background. The green and blue are strapped down to a crate and the blue is strapped down tighter which may appear to be different widths. The red shows true ride height, cant tell actual width.

  3. Michael Desilets | June 17, 2018 at 2:49 pm | Reply

    Your observations appear accurate. No cross bracing in cage. Unequal size rims and tires. Motor? Any speculation?

  4. Looks a lot Ike the old maverick design. DCT blah. Hope it does well though. Honda is traditionally behind in the horsepower wars, will be interesting to see if this is the same story.

  5. Notice the red one in the back? You think that’s the same just a different color or a different model

  6. Tyler Lynskey | June 17, 2018 at 3:41 pm | Reply

    The red one in the back…

  7. I like it!!!! so what’s the price???

  8. Xx and an RZR had a baby lol

  9. Being a pioneer 1000-5 deluxe owner I can hardly wait to see the dct in something lighter with more travel and hopefully more power. Would love to see some Honda content on the YouTube channel.

  10. Hopefully it isn’t the same power unit that’s in the Pioneer!

  11. Why in the hell would they not go with a red and white. When I first saw the picture that said spy shot I thought it was a textron unit.

  12. Dougpounds69 | June 17, 2018 at 6:04 pm | Reply

    Why would they pick those colors and not a red and white! When I first saw the spy shot om IG i immediately thought it was a textron unit

  13. Looks pretty cool there’s always room for more competition!!!!

  14. Been waiting too long

  15. What dumbass spelled Honda on the green crate???

  16. The Honda on the green one is spelled wrong…just saying

  17. Thought you said Can Am were going to have DCT first?

  18. Red one is wider than blue, but does not have trailing arm suspension of green one, nor as wide. Just observing

  19. Is that paddle shift levers I spy over the dash on the green one?

  20. Each one has a roof included. A front bumper and a winch also.

  21. Two of the machines are still pulled down by straps, so probably all the same height as the red one at the back that isn’t strapped down. Don’t see bead locks on the wheels anywhere either. Might be 3 different equipment levels, noting the wheels are different on each. Maybe gps and mag wheels in one, but not in the other, steel wheels on the green one etc.

  22. Picture 1 and three have been photo shopped. Notice hodna is different spelling in the 3rd photo honda. I presume someone is trying to get their website noticed with these photos.

  23. Scott halstead | June 18, 2018 at 1:15 am | Reply

    Wait, is this fake news? The one pic of the green one says HODNA, and in the other picture it is spelled correctly?

    • The Hondasxs forum edited their name into the pics (pretty standard, we do it all the time), and they just made a typo on that one.

  24. Looks like they are building 1 shipping crate for the Talon 2 seater and the Talon 4 seater will fit into extra wheel chocks farther forward! (4seats?)

  25. The blue one is definitely narrower and the different graphics plus not having the 1000 on the upper quarter panel like the green and red (red appears to have the same as the green but hard to tell) makes me curious if it’s not a 60” to complete with the rzr “S” models.

  26. Honda will be there!IMO these are 3 different testers to bring to the production line.I’m ready to see what it’s going to bring to the desert ( racing)

  27. I’m curious to know what the power plant will be.

  28. I’m a Red Rider so this is a welcome addition. Looking forward to plopping down inside the cockpit and getting familiar with it. Being a senior citizen- my back needs good support and comfort after abusing it for so many years. The current Honda lineup is nice, but offers nothing sporty. Super firm bench seats are not my thing.

  29. Would not be surprised to see the Honda 1000cc Twin in one or both of the machines. Maybe even with a Manual/paddle shift 5 speed.

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