The 2018 Textron Wildcat… You heard that right!

Remember that admittedly clickbatey “RIP Arctic Cat” doom and gloom article we published back in January right after Textron announced it’s purchase of AC? If not, feel free to check that out here:

So sometimes we’re right (and if you keep track, that sometimes has been always) and indeed late yesterday during a Textron webinar they’ve announced that they will be officially killing the Arctic Cat name on non-snowmobile product lines and re-branding everything as Textron Offroad…. and honestly we’re not sure how we feel about that. If we said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: You heard it here first and many chose to not believe.

The Arctic Cat name certainly does put the brand in a bubble and it doesn’t make much sense to name a ATV or SXS “Arctic Cat” if it’s primarily ridden where there’s no snow BUT at the same time you’re killing a well-known name for an unknown one (at least in the sport offroad category). If they’re going to distance themselves from the Arctic Cat brand it doesn’t make much sense to then retain the Wildcat branding as well, especially considering it’s somewhat tainted past as a sport side by side. But clearly that decision has been made.

During the webinar they also formally announced that the Textron Wildcat XX will be a SPRING 2018 release (?!!?!) and they’re dealer show mentioned “Project Hercules” aka the Polaris General destroyer is a go and we’re expecting an announcement soon on the timing for that machine.

Ultimately we’re excited about Textron’s investment in all things Wildcat. But we certainly are looking at a full line of new machines with a whole new strain of DNA…


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5 Comments on "The 2018 Textron Wildcat… You heard that right!"

  1. there saying this fall for the new sxs, my guess is it will have the 80Hp German Motor they build with a turbo to 130Hp. 🙂 Love that Textron WANTS to be best in every industry.

  2. Jason Zummallen | April 22, 2017 at 7:58 pm | Reply

    I have mixed feelings about this my good friend has a arctic cat dealer in Phoenix and he’s not sure how to take this either , it’s great that textron wants to be the best but the arctic car name is important ! as long as they get in the game with a quality high HP machine that’s reliable and priced under a RZR 1000 I think everything will be ok !

  3. another year- this is hard…
    arctic cat is little known right now- textron- never heard of- glad they will keep the wildcat name – great vehicles!
    hope evrthing will work out fine for the company changes…
    what happen to these company?

  4. Bring It!!

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