The 2018 Polaris RZR is here!


Polaris just dropped the RZR lineup for the 2018 model year, and here’s the lowdown!

For those of you waiting for a wider model with 2-feet of suspension travel and 200hp, you’ll have to wait a little longer, but the 2018s from Polaris aren’t just laying down without a fight.

Improving on the already excellent suspension of the current models, the new top dog DYNAMIX EDITION aims to raise the bar by utilizing active suspension technology.  The current geometry and travel numbers remain the same (16″ front / 18″ rear) but the Dynamix system automatically optimizes your suspension settings ON THE FLY by evaluating and adjusting for over 200 inputs that it receives every second you are on the move.  You’ll have three modes (comfort, sport, & firm) and the machine will adjust from there based on things like steering wheel position, speed, vehicle orientation, etc.

That’s cool! We also predicted how it would work back in March of last year when checking out a recent Polaris patent:

Check out the video on it here:


The Dynamix system will also include a rear mounted camera and controls that are integrated into the Ride Command touch screen.

Other notable changes are a new set of Walker Evans needle shocks on the base model turbo (still 168hp!), as well as an attractive starting MSRP of $19,999. Now that makes quite the contender between Can-Am’s 64″ X3 base turbo model with 120hp.

Will these changes be enough for the RZR to compete with the big travel numbers of the Maverick X3?  Not YET.

This particular release reminds us of the 2017MY BRP release back in June 2016 where they introduced a few cool changes but waited another 2 months to drop the X3 bomb. But as far as we know right now this is what Polaris is going to be rolling with for the 2018 model year.

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  1. I ride a lot of woods would you guys rather have a x3 or this new rzr?

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