The 2017 (2017.5?) Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 XX!

Well, here it is folks:


That is Sheldon Creed’s fully done up XX ready for the Baja 1000!

The machine certainly looks and feels like an evolution of the outgoing Wildcat 1000, but not overly so.


And there’s the man himself, Sheldon Creed.

From this angle you can see what appears to be a fully polished front end with grill, hood, and headlights that really look OEM spec. The floor tubs are also new, so we’re thinking this is almost certainly pre-production type stuff and not one off RG Garage material.

We’ve also seen identical roofs on all of these new Wildcats spotted at Baja this week, further suggesting these might be production intent parts and not custom one-offs.  The roofs have their own scoop which is intended to increase pressure inside the cabin and keep dust out.  If you’ve ever driven in dusty conditions with a sealed roof and windshield you’ve probably experienced how dust rolls inside from behind you.  If this feature makes it to production it will certainly be welcome.

Looking deeper we can see what may be a front mounted radiator (or intercooler?) fed by a functional hood scoop along with very beefy boxed lower control arms and heims all around.

Could this finally be the machine Cat has been dying to introduce for the last few years? If so, count us in. IF it truly comes with the 998 turbo Yami motor and Team BOSS CVT clutches, this thing may be unstoppable!

Stay tuned for further updates!

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  1. HERE THE VIDEO!!! The new Arctic?
    It’s really great!

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