SXSBlog St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!

Not every event the Blog attends has to be SXS or off-road related, as with this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day activities.

For the second year we cleaned up the equipment, did some decorating, gathered friends and attended our hometown’s parade to show off in front of thousands of people along with well over 100 other floats.

Though it wasn’t our usual brand of fun, having the opportunity to get these machines in front of potential future off-roaders while blasting 80’s rock through Nick’s deafening sound system for a few hours proved to be a great time.

Check out this clip that was aired on local channels.  Nick couldn’t resist a little burnout for the cameras…

It may not be as cool as a day trail riding or out at the dunes, but if you ever get the chance to participate in a parade, car show, etc; think about giving it a shot.  You may be surprised at the number of people who still have no idea what these machines are, and the reactions you get are often entertaining.

If you’re left feeling a little empty at the end of the day from a lack a rippage, just do what we do and get it out of your system with some celebratory tire smoke…

More pictures from the event:

The Rick Truck was on tow duty, with Doug’s YXZ on the trailer.  Nick cruised the Wildcat behind.  Doug’s parents also came along to support with the crew-cab Commander.

 The women of SXSBlog (and Doug…) enjoying the trailer ride.

The girls added their touch with a rainbow dune flag on the YXZ.

This is a leprechaun in case you weren’t sure… we’re thinking about leaving the lights green.

Setting up in the staging area.

Rick’s truck got some makeshift SXSBlog banners.

 The Nick Cat prowling the parade with a freshly upgraded engine.


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  1. Go to 1:36 to see the crew. Nick next time do not make me wade through the whole parade :).

    • Sorry about that!!! Link was supposed to take you right there but it seems it isn’t working properly for everyone.

  2. Leave it to Nick to try to dent the trailer… lol

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