Rides Episode 1, Rocks and Valleys in Harrison MI

It’s almost 2016 which means we need a resolution.

We want to keep this website fun, new, and fresh. The SXS industry in a whole doesn’t quite move as quick and exciting as the auto industry, and news isn’t as frequent. So, what do we do?

Well, we hoped you’ve liked our Garage videos. We have been trying to keep up on those and luckily we’ve gained a few followers out of the deal and we want more.

I think our resolution is going to be to keep up with content for this site. If we know anything it’s that there is a possibility of mid year releases of new or changed models, and that news should be coming down the pipeline soon. We’ll be first on that, we guarantee it.

Next, we started a new series of videos called Rides. We split up our Garage videos to no longer feature us riding to shorten the length and to keep views up. A lot people drop off around the 15 minute range, so we’re going to keep the new videos 12-15 minutes long.

And on that note, here is our first Rides video; Episode 1.

Rocks and Valleys is in Harrison Michigan and it features trails from weak to insane, hillclimbs, mud holes, rocks, dirt, sand, etc etc. Read more about it here: Rocks and Valleys

What we loved:

  • Almost everything! The site is huge and there is so many different types obstacles that you could never get bored. We were there almost 6 hours and the only thing making us leave was the park closing.
  • Black diamond labeled trails, ESPECIALLY Python 2.0 Man that was a blast in a SXS. That trail was winding, long, with the perfect amount of mud, rocks, and trees to keep you excited every second you were on it.
  • Work arounds for the “super tough” part of certain trails. Python 2.0 for example had a few really gnarly rock sections that our SXSs just wouldn’t have cleared. With turning around being a near impossibility, we were happy to see shortcuts around these rocks. Nearly every trail with a tough section had this, so that’s perfect for people who enjoy a tough trail but don’t want to break something.
  • Travis! He works there and was a great help showing us around. We were having a hard time finding some of the trails and he gladly showed us where to go and helped us through some tough sections. Unfortunately Doug’s Maverick ripped off Travis’s bumper when pulling him out of a nasty hole, we’re sorry!

What could be improved:

  • The map and trail labels. We were trying to find certain trails in the area using the maps (along with the labels on the actual trails) and we weren’t having much luck getting an exact idea of where we were. This obviously isn’t a huge deal, but we found ourselves going in circles a couple times.
  • Other than that, not much! The owners have obviously worked very hard to make a great offroad park!

As Rick said, “10/10, would ride” and we all agreed. For $25 bucks, you can ride trails you can only WISH were available within the Michigan ORV system. Plus you also help support local business, which we all love to do.

Feel free to hit up our Facebook page or drop us a line below in the comments section to let us how what you thought of our new video series. We’re not only doing this for fun but also for you, so let us know if you liked it.

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