Supercharged Yamaha YXZ and Arctic Cat Wildcat! OH YEAH BABY!

As always, brings you an EXCLUSIVE story regarding the most anticipated SXS in the industry and an interesting curveball for what’s to come.

Ok, so here’s the beans. We know Yamaha will be powering the 2017 Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000XX (yep, we’re officially calling it that), and we know that the engine is going to be supercharged. We’ve alluded to it in the past, we’ve received confirmation, and now we have a Yamaha patent application as proof.

What does this mean?


Here’s the important SXS related stuff from the patent application:

“….With a supercharger that is driven by the crankshaft, a vehicle that is normally used at a high engine speed, such as a snowmobile, will have an unnecessarily high supercharging pressure at a low speed. The need to control the supercharging pressure so that the supercharging pressure will not be too high leads to a complicated structure. An off-road vehicle such as a snowmobile or a four-wheel buggy is sometimes used under harsh environments such as subfreezing temperatures. When using a supercharger that is driven by the crankshaft, the load on the crankshaft is increased by the power used to drive the supercharger. Therefore, when starting the engine with a starter motor, it is necessary to provide a large power to the crankshaft, and it is thus necessary to provide a larger starter motor…..”

“…A vehicle according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention includes an internal combustion engine including a crankshaft, a transmission, a driving device, a supercharger, and a centrifugal clutch….”

“…While the transmission preferably is the CVT 30 in the preferred embodiments described above, there is no particular limitation on the type of the transmission. The transmission may be a stepped transmission, or may be a dog clutch transmission, for example…” (AKA, SUPERCHARGED YXZ!!)

“…As shown in FIG. 11, the vehicle may also be an ROV (Recreational Off-highway Vehicle) 110. The ROV 110 is an example off-road vehicle including a plurality of seats 111 arranged next to one another in the vehicle width direction. The ROV 110 includes an internal combustion engine 112, a transmission (not shown), a supercharger 113 and a centrifugal clutch (not shown), and further includes a left front wheel 114, a right front wheel (not shown), a left rear wheel 115 and a right rear wheel (not shown), as part of the driving device…”


So here’s the breakdown:

-Yes yes yes ok this is MOSTLY a snowmobile patent. BUT, Yamaha purposely includes ROV/four-wheel buggy (AKA: SIDE BY SIDE) in the patent FOR A REASON. Yes, we will see this on a future Yamaha and Arctic Cat SXS product. I guarantee it! They’re in cahoots, it only makes sense.

-Supercharger! WOOHOO PSSSHH PSSSHHH PPPSSSHHHH. Ok I’ll relax now.

-They’ve left the transmission option open! Meaning we will likely see a manual still in the supercharged YXZ and a CVT in the supercharged Wildcat.

-A centrifugal clutch between the engine and output shaft to decouple the supercharger during low speed engine operation. Ok.. what? It makes sense conceptually considering superchargers “take power to make power” and if you can decouple the system it frees up parasitic loss. We trust Yamaha on this one as they’re engine building MASTERS.

-The engine used in the drawings is a 3 cylinder, which is 99.9% likely the one we’re going to see in the Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000XX and in the new supercharged Yamaha YXZ.

So that’s it folks! The beans have been spilled and now we wait for more info to come in. The 2017 model year machines are going to be INSANE!

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7 Comments on "Supercharged Yamaha YXZ and Arctic Cat Wildcat! OH YEAH BABY!"

  1. This is great news…. Only one problem, if they are going to use yamah as chassis we have just lost the greatest riding sxs and Polaris will now claim the title with the rzr xp

    • Kyle, thanks for the comment! We’re assuming Arctic Cat will maintain their current (or very similar to) chassis to separate themselves from Yamaha. The only thing shared will be the base engine/supercharger configuration.

  2. Thanks nick for the reply, been away from the site for a while lol, I love what you are doing here lots of great info and keeps me on my toes haha.
    I’m only waiting to see what they have to offer, the wildcat is the best riding but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the rest as in looks and performance, the new Polaris general is interesting not as a rider but the interior it is on a whole other level. It is very car like if cat could have something similar with performance to back it up and the ride we all love! They might have a winner

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see AC leave some things on the table as far as creature comforts go. Their interior has always been “enough” but never “too much” in terms of quality and features. I think they will focus so much on performance and handling that it may be possible to overlook the lack of amenities. And to me at least this makes sense. I’d rather be bragging about how I can go 70mph over 3 foot whoops and not how nice my digital speedometer is.

  3. Does this mean we might see a 50″ sxs for Yamaha? I hope so!

  4. Hey to pop your bubble but the new 2017 Yamaha YXZ is out and there’s no supercharger.

  5. the patent application is there and that means it’s under development, release timing is the question…….. and there is the newly released Yamaha turbo snowmobile engine as well…

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