Sometimes less is more… 2017 Wildcat 1000X with RG Pro suspension!

If you’re new to this blog, you probably haven’t seen the plethora of Arctic Cat Wildcat articles we’ve put out over the past year. If you have read those, this news won’t be a huge surprise to you…

The “first wave” of new Wildcat stuff for 2017 is finally upon us!

Introducing the 2017 Wildcat X with RG Pro suspension:



As we already told you guys back in May (check out the article) we weren’t going to see the big dog as a 2017 model year machine. But, AC was still going to introduce the RG Pro model with some significant improvements.

So what has improved?

First off, the biggest change is the rear trailing arm design. We’ve gone over this in our previous articles, but the main upgrade with this setup is durability and wheel control throughout the shock travel range. As RG himself explains:

“You can actually get the trailing arm from ride height up to start cambering in, which when you turn the car and body roll it actually tilts the tire in and gives you a little bit of a resting platform…”

Check out a full rearward shot of how cool these arms look:



Next up is a bunch of incremental improvements made that were simply needed moving forward:

-Beefier lower a-arms (Hey ol buddy ol pal Arctic Cat, want to send your friend Nick a pair? The lowers on his 2014 are bent….. Hit me up at and I’ll send you my address. Thanks!)

-2x thicker tie rods (see the above statement Arctic Cat!)

-Tougher suspension mounts

-15″ KMC wheels with what look to be 28-30″ Tensor Regulators or EFX Motohammer tires

And the last 2 but important things are:

-Improved cage! They’ve added front and rear intrusion bars





Now I really don’t know if King shocks are actually way better than any others, but the name is cool and they remind me of stuff I used to see on Trophy and Baja trucks years ago as a kid. And RG says they’re good, so I’ll trust him. Although, my Elka Stage 5s are pretty nice….

What did I mean with less is more?!!?

This is what I meant:


Wait, they went from 18″ rear travel to 15.5″…. what? Ok, so before everyone starts calling BS I’ve talked to the pros. No I can’t tell you who, but I’ve gotten an in depth explanation of how and why this system works better from A PERSON WHO HAS ACTUALLY DRIVEN THE MACHINE. As they say, sometimes its not the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean.

That’s it folks. No you weren’t supposed to see these videos yet, but a nice gentleman from the Wildcat forums linked the unlisted videos and thus we get our info.

If you’re interested in the full explanation, check out the videos here:


3 Comments on "Sometimes less is more… 2017 Wildcat 1000X with RG Pro suspension!"

  1. So Can Am drops their trail arm (TTA) suspension on the Maverick in favor of a 5 link on the X3 and Arctic Cat goes the opposite direction. What is going on? Tell me the rear of that AC doesn’t like the rear of a Can Am Renegade or Outlander.

  2. Will the new trailing arms be able to fit on other years? I have a 2014 4 seater.

  3. Any thoughts on why Can Am went away from trail arm?

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