So it looks like there WON’T be a new Wildcat this year…

Que the Price is Right disappointment horn sound……

Yep, unless you’re a dealer you’re hearing it here first. Arctic Cat will not be releasing the “big boy” this year. This morning they ran a webinar for their dealer network which confirmed this for the typical Aug/Sept/Oct 2017 model year release:


Yes, you’re reading and seeing that correctly. New Robby Gordon suspension, new axles, upgraded frame, and the same ole tired 92hp Arctic Cat H2 engine.

As someone has said “I’ve had kicks in the nuts that were less painful…”

I can’t imagine what’s going through the minds of dealers. After last years dealer show with the prototype machine lazily ripping around; people were hopeful. There was support from big names and promises made.

For AC to wait any longer seems terrible. Of course they don’t want to rush it out, and of course there is a lot riding on it’s success. But missing peak West Coast dune season is a big deal and it honestly makes Arctic Cat lose credibility.

So if you were saving your pennies for a 2017 Wildcat, keep saving or invest them somewhere else. Up until this point, all signs pointed to a September 2016 release. Now, it’s looking like a 2017.5 model year with a March release month at the earliest.

Sorry to break the bad news, but someone has to do it.

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  1. any further info on 2017 wildcat. really interested.

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