Shots fired! Polaris releases a nasty YXZ hating video on YouTube! Video inside…

As my favorite dog (or should I say Doge?) might say: Many shots. Such fired. Wow.

Polaris just unleashed a pretty nasty anti-YXZ video onto YouTube and boy is it HARSH! Now we all understand that marketing can sometimes get a little mean, but this is straight up out of hand!

The video starts out unsuspecting by saying they were skeptical of the YXZ so they bought a bunch and let current RZR customers try it out (that seems super fair, by the way)

They really let the interviewees say whatever they wanted in this video. Some of the best quotes are:

“The fit and finish was cheap in the Yamaha.” – Fox shirt wearing guy

“The downfall of the Yamaha, I feel, is having to shift.” -Wears Fox motocross jersey to drive a SXS guy

“Couldn’t concentrate on the dunes and shift at the same time.” – 900 year old man (who probably wears Fox apparel)

“I didn’t feel safe cause I uh, had uh, one uh hand uh on the wheel uh and another hand on the uh shifter uh.” – Guy who can’t shift and is likely wearing Fox made RZR jersey

“The shifting really scares me on the Yamaha.” – Soccer mom who’s scared of 5 speeds and wears Fox riding gloves

“That Yamaha would tire you out in a half hour.” – Man of questionable fitness level who likely owns Fox branded socks

……….. I could go on and on.

So is it a conspiracy against Yamaha by Fox and Polaris? Or does it stand to reason that possibly they only took the opinions of newbies that aren’t experienced enough to handle a manual shift machine (and coincidentally all wear Fox branded clothing?). Who knows.

It’s probably best just to watch it yourself and form your own opinion. But our opinion is that this video is a direct attack at Yamaha (who’s done little more than take a small chunk of Polaris’s market share). We feel that Yamaha is more than likely too classy to fire back at a video like this, but we hope (for the sake of Yamaha) that they do fire back!





6 Comments on "Shots fired! Polaris releases a nasty YXZ hating video on YouTube! Video inside…"

  1. really, is that what Gary V. said? I didn’t hear that on the video.
    as mush as I love Yamaha and own Yamaha’s they fired the first shot in August.
    This blog is PATHETIC!

    • Thanks for commenting robert! We’ll begin working on an article explaining where to find a sense of humor here shortly, so stay tuned!

  2. I didnt know polaris held a big state fairesque retreat for mentally handicapped people. Good job polaris but everyone ther is still gonna eat sand.

  3. After riding both the YXZ and XPT, I’m a little torn between the two. I enjoy the shifting until I crack my first beer. After that, it’s a pain trying to hold the can between my legs while shifting and clutching. The fact that it rides like a European sports coup is also a little disappointing. I don’t want to feel like I’m in a Mazaratti when I roll through the trailer park, I want to be able to roll at a snails pace so that all my neighbors can drool over my new ride. My hero Tripp Pullens wouldn’t approve of the cup holders being so far out of reach either.

  4. Are you kidding me? First off, there putting a non turbo machine against a turbo model from polaris. How bout they outfit the yxz’s with a turbo kit to equal out the playing field? Why, because the yxz would blow the belt slipper out of the dunes thats why. I guess these people that were interviewed were lazy and simple minded. Hit the gas and go (lame). Perhaps they should learn how to drive a manual and have more seat time behind the yxz before they make assumptions. These kind of people would rather ride a scrambler than a banshee cause its too hard to shift and pay attention to the dunes right? Lmao!!! Polaris is for the grandpa and soccer mom mini van driver and the un coordinated. Yxz for the win cause i like to have full control of my rig and pick when i want to shift not when the cvt wants to control my driving. Yxz is where its at!

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