Ripping the Honda Talon! Good Unit!?

Finally we’re getting some seat time in the new highly anticipated entry into the sport SXS market from Honda! They were kind enough to invite us out to beautiful Utah for a full 2 days with the new Talon X & Talon R, and we’ve been giving them all the beans.

Here’s the wrap up from day 1 with the X model. We’ve got A LOT more coming your way with these but so far we have to say, its a good unit.

4 Comments on "Ripping the Honda Talon! Good Unit!?"

  1. Great review. This will help a lot in my buying decision. I love the sound when your ripping but sometimes I like to do easy cruising. If your cruising easy without full helmets, can you talk with the passenger without yelling? I rode in a CanAm Commander when they first came out and I couldn’t stand the loud droan (not exhaust sound)of the engine. Also I’ve been told the Pioneer has a lot of gear noise when driving. Did you notice any that on the Talon. Cabin heat is another concern. Looks like you drove on a cool day but did you sense much engine heat in the cabin? DOn’t want to get roasted on a warm day. Best review I’ve seen on the Talon. Keep up the good work.

  2. What location were you in?

  3. Is a 4 seater in the future sounds pretty bad ass so far

  4. Why don’t you evaluate the CF Moto SXS as I have one and would be interested in you’re opinion.

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