Paddle shifted Yamaha YXZ, here we go!

So the video came out last week from Yamaha regarding their new release on June 8th 2016 and yeah, we totally didn’t see it coming. None of the regular ques were out there and every one of our information spots were blank. Our bad, we want to break the news first.

Having said that, up until right now there has been some confusion on what the new Yamaha machine plans to offer for a transmission. Here’s the current rumors:

-The video shows a gear, so it isn’t a CVT

-The video doesn’t show a clutch pedal, so it must be an automatic.

So, here’s the spilling of the beans:

Paddle shifted, solenoid actuated gear shifting, solenoid actuated clutch, with optional “drive” for automatic shifting.

This news came from a few patent applications just released. Within them are some great shots showing how this system will look and information on how it will work. Check it out:

YXZPaddles1The pic above shows a column mounted set of paddle shifters. I’ve always wondered why some used steering wheel mounted and some column mounted…

YXZPaddles2Here is a quick diagram showing how the actuation will work. It seems to be a simple solenoid to shift up or shift down, likely cutting ignition to make the shift as opposed to using the clutch. This results in faster shifting and less clutch wear and is commonly seen in streetbike applications when adding an air or electric shifter.

YXZPaddles3Here is the paddles seen without a steering wheel. There is a huge amount of linkage there for each shifter, hopefully it’s covered in production spec.

YXZPaddles4And lastly here is the steering wheel with the paddles behind it. It appears that there will be a right upshift paddle and a left downshift paddle as opposed to a pull to shift up and push to shift down which is more commonly seen in automotive applications.

Beyond that, we have some interesting verbiage that suggests a automatic mode:

“The transmission may alternatively be an automatic transmission, so that the gears of the transmission are automatically shifted by a motor in accordance with a traveling state of the vehicle and irrespective of intention of the driver.”

So if that isn’t clear enough, there will be a “drive” mode also which essentially takes the guess work out of shifting this machine.

That’s it folks, your new 2017 Yamaha YXZ1000R auto shifter. This should certainly make the machine more accessible to novice riders!!


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2 Comments on "Paddle shifted Yamaha YXZ, here we go!"

  1. Do you think this YXZ could possibly be a 60″ trail version? I noticed in the video the YXZ was driving passed some trees. That made me wonder if Yamaha was hinting that this could be a trail version of the YXZ.

    • Honestly Josh we just don’t know at this point. It would make sense for them to market this to the “trail” guy, but I don’t know how much more of an advantage 60″ is over 64″.

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