Michigan Street Legal Update!

For those of you following the current situation in Michigan regarding the ability to street legalize your SxS, there is still hope!

Where we left this story off a couple months back, the state had suddenly decided to no longer issue new VINs and assembled vehicle titles for off-road vehicles, meaning you could no longer make your SxS street legal in Michigan.  Hundreds were left stranded in the process, already having spent the thousands of dollars on required accessories, being told that their applications would not be processed.

Good thing #1

Collectively, the people were able to put enough pressure on the decision makers and get those stuck applications moving again!  Those 200+ people who had filed for assembled vehicle titles, made all the modifications to their rides, and were just awaiting inspections are getting to complete the process.

Good thing #2

This may not be over for the rest of us!

Representative Brett Roberts has introduced House Bill 5037 which would require the Secretary of State to issue vehicle identification numbers and assembled vehicle titles to anyone who satisfies all applicable requirements……..here comes the good part…….. “Regardless of whether the original manufacturer’s certificate of origin specifies that the vehicle is an off-road vehicle.”

The bill is co-sponsored by nearly a dozen representatives in total.  That has to be a good thing right???  You can view this bill, see who is sponsoring it, as well as track it’s progress  here —> House Bill 5037

Now, as exciting as this all is, we have to realize that the road for a bill to become law can be a long one.

We contacted Representative Roberts and he was kind enough to lay out the major steps to follow for this bill, which go as follows:

In order for the legislation to become law, the usual process requires that the bill be:

  1. Voted out of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
  2. Approved by a majority of the House on a floor vote
  3. Voted out of the Senate committee to which it’s referred
  4. Approved by a majority of Senators on a floor vote
  5. Signed by Gov. Snyder


HB 5037 is currently at step 1, with the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.  You can view committee member information, schedules, and sign up for email updates here —> Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure


What else can you do?  Contact your representatives again!  Let them know that you support this bill and why!  Forgot your representatives information?  You can find that here —> Michigan Representatives


Representative Roberts is especially interested in hearing your feedback, so please leave your comments below or at our Facebook Page and we’ll make sure he hears what you have to say!  Also, don’t forget to come back often for the latest updates!

10 Comments on "Michigan Street Legal Update!"

  1. This is great news for not only our sport but for our state! Thank you to all the sponsors of this bill and let’s all keep this ball rolling!

  2. Thanks for sponsoring this bill!!! All of us really appreciate this!

  3. Thank you for keeping up the fight. I had spent all my money to buy all the equipment but I hadn’t been able to get my paper work completed intime.

  4. Melissa Preston | November 13, 2015 at 9:27 pm | Reply

    Thanks for the update and working on this. And most importantly thank you to the representatives that sponsered this bill. Now it’s up to us to start blasting their emails and making phone calls to Lansing.

  5. This is great news. I was in the process of purchasing my side by side when the ability to register it for street use was denied. I was fully planning to register it so we could travel to trails and the dunes without trailering, which takes up large amount of space which is not always readily avail.

  6. Thanks a lot to everyone who kept the pressure on for this bill!! We need this not only for our sport but also it will bring a lot of money to our state and businesses. Keep up the good work!!

  7. Thank you Rep. Roberts for bringing this forward. The policy change should have never been made in the first place. The effects of the change are far reaching from a blow to Michigan Tourism (hotels, restaurants, gas stations, repair shops, misc. small business owners, etc.), to lost revenue for registrations and insurance, to lost sales for our dealerships, to the many hard working people that essentially wasted thousands of dollars upgrading their vehicles that now cannot be used the way they wanted to use them.

    I was one of the people that spent thousands to make my vehicle comply and was only about a week away from my inspection when the policy change was made.

    I support! Please keep up the fight!

  8. Please see this site: http://www.michiganvotes.org/2015-HB-5037

    Lots of comments have been posted here as well.

  9. Thank you Rep. Roberts for all your efforts with pushing HB 5037 forward. Having completed all the necessary modifications,I just cannot express the level of frustration on the rule change.

  10. Richard Davidson | November 24, 2016 at 11:16 am | Reply

    This is encouraging for the SideXSide owners! Thanks Rep Roberts for your efforts!

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