Maverick X3….WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?

Just when you thought you were happy with your SxS…..

Whether you’re a RZR, Wildcat, Maverick, or YXZ owner, you probably thought your current ride was right up there with the best of them.  Surely nothing THAT crazy could be coming right?   It’s okay to spend some more money on accessories because your SxS is sure to be competitive for awhile still right?


Just when we thought we really wouldn’t be seeing any more suspension travel than ~18″ in a stock machine (I mean, axles can only go so far right), Can-Am said “welp, guess we’ll just make it wider then”.

24″ of travel.

Twenty four inches.

Twenty.  Four.  Inches.

Two.  Freaking.  FEET of travel.


Combine that insane amount of suspension with a turbo triple that is sure to love mods and sport Rotax dependability, and there are going to be a whole lot of hurt bank accounts soon.

The question on our minds….Where does the market go now?  It’s easy to argue that the Maverick X3 (more specifically the X RS) is a whole new class of SxS.  At 8″ wider and a full foot longer than its competitors, the X3 X RS is a monster of a vehicle.

Can Polaris, Arctic Cat, and Yamaha afford not to answer with their own version of a high horsepower, extreme long travel desert racer?  Will this ever end?

We hope not!

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  1. looks the sxs market is doin the same BS to sell their products…like the motorcycle companies…more HP and electronics every year- prices increasin like crazy- 30 tsd $$ next 40 tsd $ !??

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