How to tune your YXZ! At HOME!

So you’re thinkin about throwing an exhaust on your machine?  Or maybe you read that YXZs are lean from the factory and run better with a tune?  It’s been awhile now since you could just swap out some carburetor jets, and maybe you want to raise that rev limiter too, so it looks like it’s time to send your ECU out to the professionals…

That can be tough though, having your ride down for a week while you wait for your parts to return.  Then you make a change?  Send it back out.

Sure, there are fuel controllers out there that you can plug in and do some basic tuning with at home, but you aren’t getting the full range of customization you get with an ECU re-flash.  They ain’t gonna raise your rev limiter, allow you to change fan temps, or adjust timing to extract the most power out of your rig.

The solution?

Flash Tune ECU

These guys provide you with everything you need to re-flash your YXZ ECU right at home, giving you full ability to customize your tune in minutes instead of days.

Building a custom turbo kit and need a custom tune?  This will handle it.  Don’t understand anything in this article so far and just want to make your machine run right after bolting that exhaust on?  This will handle that too.  If you can get on Facebook, you can tune your YXZ with this package.

Flash Tune has a couple options for interfacing the YXZ.  The bench kit requires you remove the ECU (which is actually very easy) and the bike-side harness which installs on the machine and allows tuning while remaining assembled.  Still not sold on doing it yourself?  FTECU will do it for you as well.

The software comes with one license which allows you to tune your ECU as many times as you wish, and additional licenses can be purchased to do more ECUs at a price below what you might expect.  It also comes preloaded with various tunes including stock, unrestricted (removed speed limiter, raised rev limit, etc), slip-on exhaust, and full exhaust options.

For a more detailed how-to and review, check out the video below.  We’ve only just begun to test the capabilities of this software, and there will be plenty more to follow, but so far we can say we are very impressed.

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