How to not stunt drive…

You guys may have seen these videos floating around Instagram this past year from Sheldon Creed and the like:

Just @robbygordon and I being a couple of kids @tubaartfilms @methodracewheels @arcticcat_atv @kingshocks

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Doug and I figured, with our genius brains, that driving on two wheels looks fun and we need to figure out how to do it. If you’ve watched our videos (if not, check out our YouTube Channel!) you can clearly see that we can drive decently and aren’t afraid to put our machines through a little bit of a beating.

We unfortunately didn’t have a large open parking lot, dry roads, or nice temps. It was 25 degrees, 400mph winds, snowing, and we were on a wet field.

So what was the plan? Well, it went something like this:

  1. Go fast and turn
  2. Not die
  3. ….
  4. Drive on 2 wheels like a boss!

Being that Doug’s field was teflon like slippery, and the snow flurries were only making it worse, we just skidded sideways instead of catching traction. Thus, our plan was modified:

  1. Drive in circles
  2. Ruin the beautiful grass in the field
  3. Get down to good dirt
  4. …..
  5. Drive on 2 wheels like a boss!

Doug went first. His horrific Rock-a-Billy tires were making quick work of the grass and he easily worked a nice dirt circle together for maximum traction.  Within a minute he was up on two wheels, woohoo! But, he was driving towards a YXZ-totaling Doug-drowning culvert so he set it back down and attempted it again. Did I forget to mention he was running around on a squirrel piss amount of gas? Yeah that doesn’t work very well when you get up on two wheels. The fuel pickup runs dry and the engine sneezes, but this wasn’t going to stop Doug from trying.

After a few more short lived bursts of 2 wheel bliss, the inevitable happened: He rolled it on its side.

I did what any good friend would, run up to him with the video recording to make fun of his failure. And yeah sure, I did a visual check to make sure he wasn’t injured too. He’s tough though…

Luckily our good friend 1000cc Sous was ready and willing to help Doug roll his machine back over. We tried doing it with Doug strapped in, but I could feel my spine about to blow out so I let Doug get out and have him help flip it back over. Hell, it was his fault it was rolled over anyways.

Now it’s my turn.

I had the same plan, drive in circles until 2 wheel glory was achieved. I quickly had a few short lived 2 wheel runs and realized that locking the front differential greatly helps when attempting this stunt, especially on dirt.

Then it happened. I rolled over. Fairly hard too.

Now this isn’t my first soiree with rolling over, but my last (and only other) time I rolled over was the most gentle and slow roll I can imagine. This roll, despite how uneventful it looks on video, was rough and harsh. I also was only wearing my lap belt, which was a true 100% dumbass amateur move because I hit my ribs really hard on the center console and my arms went flailing like one of those blower powered party figures you see at car washes.

And, I crushed the hell out of my rear fender… and my pride.

I, for a quick second, had thought I was channeling my inner Robby Gordon. All that time spent playing video games, watching videos, and driving down fireroads at speeds in which a crash would be certain death had not paid off. I flipped like a bitch and wasn’t even wearing my 5 points.

As it turns out, stunt driving isn’t easy.

And yeah sure, I bet people like Robby Gordon and Sheldon Creed have rolled over too. But they have the brains to not share those videos. We don’t:



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  1. If i didn’t have two feet of snow on the ground i would have taken my Teryx out and tried it right after watching your video last night

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