Fool me once, shame on you.. You fool me you can’t get fooled again?

Oh Arctic Cat, our favorite David vs. Goliath story, what are you doing now?

Fresh out of the rumor mill (and by that I mean internet forums) is a word of a “hey, hold that thought” moment for the Robby Gordon edition Wildcat. A machine lusted by many Wildcat enthusiasts may potentially never make it to the showroom floor.

We’re at somewhat of a lack of details at this moment (and I assure you we’re formally reaching out to EVERYONE to get the real word on this situation) but as of now it’s rumored that there will no longer be a 2016.5 Robby Gordon Edition Wildcat. A company known for it’s mid year releases and massive changes may have had a change of heart and is canceling the project for a 2016.5 deadline.

We hope it’s not true. I, as a Wildcat owner, was truly hoping to see what AC and RG could do together. I was excited to see that a company FINALLY started a partnership with a real offroad legend, but that may be no more.

We will keep this page updated if we get any further updates on the issue. As said before, we’re awaiting replies from the many people we’ve reached out to and will report them back ASAP.

So is your heart broken? Could you care less? Leave a comment below, hit up our Facebook page, or drop us an email at and let us know how you feel.


There are some unconfirmed forum posts saying that people who have put down a deposit on the 2016.5 RG Edition Wildcat are given the option to cancel or switch the pre-order to a RG Edition Trail Sport model.

We’re still waiting to hear back from others who have been contacted.


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