Fk yeah Fridays!… Volume 1

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Fk yeah Fridays! Each Friday Fk yeah Fridays will feature a few of the greatest SXS videos we’ve found on the internet and possibly some other stuff that we find worthy.

This weeks theme will be air time, so sit back and celebrate Friday with Volume 1 of Fk yeah Fridays and watch these guys break their stuff so you don’t have to!


First up, a classic video from the Youtube archives. This video is what started my real love for sport SXSs. I understood the awesomeness of long travel rails and trophy trucks, but up until the XP1000 there wasn’t really a main stream long travel SXS out there. Sure the Wildcat was out, but it didn’t have nearly the same popularity as the XP1000 did. So check out this guy hitting a MASSIVE road gap and potentially bending his shocks all to hell in his 2014 XP1000!

Not to be shown up, this guy in a Wildcat goes HUGE over a motocross style tabletop jump! The nose of the machine lands on the flat so I wonder if he bent those front a-arms? Don’t ask me how I know!!

And it appears you don’t need 18″ of travel to get serious air time! Check out this Can-Am Maverick go HUGE in the dunes at Little Sahara!

Now here’s a guy who clearly doesn’t understand what the brake pedal is. This comes to you from a race in Indonesia where it appears a race team consisting of the Umar brothers are going HARD in a terra cross style SXS race. They hit this jump wide open and pay the price with what looks like a broken upper ball joint!

Now this is a classic “going too fast for your own good” moment when this RZR XP900 goes overboard on a huge dune jump at Little Sahara. It’s fair to say his day ended after this one. And perhaps the best part of the video is captain obvious saying “that was dumb” after the RZR skids to a halt. Skip to 1:02 for the main event!

Finally, the last video in the Volume 1 edition of Fk yeah Fridays! This video is a real classic… a real REAL classic. It’s from 2009 and it gives you an insight into where the market was headed long before it ever got there. It features a Polaris RZR 800 with a MCX turbo and some Holz suspension products. The real hucks start around 0:35 but the whole video is worth watching!

So that’s it! The first edition of Fk yeah Fridays! Did you like it? Should we continue? Do you have some great videos that you think we should share? Hit us up at or our Facebook at


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