First glimpse of what could be the Arctic Cat Wildcat XX! UPDATE!


More pictures are pouring in from Mexico!


First up is the one and only Todd Romano posing with the GIANT King shock from the rear suspension! We can now easily see the CVT trans setup with what looks to be Team BOSS clutches directly out of the Arctic Cat ZR9000 Thundercat, as evidenced below:


We also see what appears to be a fully formed inner clutch cover housing, which doesn’t come on the snowmobiles. So what we’re probably seeing here is early pre-production prototype parts that we will eventually see on the new Wildcat XX.

Undoubtedly at this point we can assume that the new Wildcat XX will come with the Thundercat engine, which is what we predicted WAY back when they showed this machine at the dealer show in 2016.


And here we can clearly see the 3 cylinder inline engine which only reinforces the fact that this is likely a pre-production setup that utilizes the YamiCat (or should we call it Arctic Maha?!) turbo 3 cylinder with Arctic Cat clutches. We also see some Arctic Cat / Speed branded  gussets in the rear, along with a nice wide shot of the RG rear suspension arms.

Assuming they’re running 32″ Tensor Regulator tires, we can approximate the width of this machine to be somewhere around 78″-82″. If they were 30″ Tensor Regulators, the width would be somewhere between 74″-78″.

More to come as we find out!




Looks like SOY Offroad spotted the Speed Energy trailer last night!


So as predicted we’re seeing a CVT clutched Yamaha triple machine. It looks to be an entirely new chassis with a pretty extreme wheelbase!

We’ll report more as it comes in but we are EXCITED!


Looks like Todd is out testing in Baja!

#SpeedCat77 @kmcwheels @arcticcat_atv @tensortire @utvunderground @kingshocks @ruggedradios

A video posted by Todd Romano (@tonkatodd) on

By the sound, this is clearly a 3 cylinder machine obviously with a turbo because who doesn’t turbo a 3 cylinder these days, plus there’s a double stacked radiator/intercooler combo out back. Best guess is that it’s a 998 Yamaha triple with a MPI turbo kit (hence why Todd tagged MPI in his previous posts). It appears to retain the RG Pro style rear suspension, and is running King shocks all around.

Here’s a screen shot break down:


Above appears to be a better angle of the redesigned front grill along with a new plastic section. If this is at all a look into the future of the Wildcat XX (and I’m sure RG and friends wouldn’t make a custom front hood) we can expect a pretty big machine without the highly angled front hood of the Yamaha YXZ and no shocks pumping through the hood like the YXZ and Maverick X3 currently have.

todd3Above is the best screen shot I could get out of the over-compressed low resolution Instagram upload. What we see here at a minimum is two or three stacked coolers, one very likely being a radiator and the other likely being an intercooler. Unfortunately we can’t see more of the engine, but the sound is a dead giveaway for a inline 3 cylinder.

todd4Lastly, we have a nice parting shot of the new Cat’s rear end as it passes. This solidifies that the new Wildcat XX will be running the RG Pro suspension arms out back, and if you watch the video in slow motion you can see some serious suspension movement as the machines flying through the rough desert.

So far so good! No more H2/H3 v-twin, and MOAR YAMAHA POWA! (assuming this is a 998 triple variant).

Stay tuned for the latest updates as this story progresses…



Well lookie at what Todd Romano (RG’s partner in crime at Speed Energy and founder of Dragonfire Racing!) just posted to instagram:


What you’re seeing there is what we assume to be the new Arctic Cat Wildcat XX all primed up for the Baja 1000…..


First, boxed control arms. Heavy duty, probably not OEM spec but they look good.

Second, huge width! Again, probably Baja 1000 spec but this could be the first hint that AC is willing to go beyond 64″ like the Maverick X3 did.

Third, a grill design that’s aligned with the newer front ends on the new Arctic Cat Prowler and HDX.


With the Baja 1000 being so soon we’re patiently for more pictures of this monster!

Until then, be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook and Youtube channel!

3 Comments on "First glimpse of what could be the Arctic Cat Wildcat XX! UPDATE!"

  1. A few points of interest here, in one of the videos posted on Instagram, you can hear a shift, at the end of the video, after the Wildcat passed by. Gives thought to a possible manual transmission.
    My next point is, as evidenced by the entries from Todd Romano, Sheldon Creed and Jaime Romero, all in the UTV Pro-Forced Induction Class, keep in mind, this class is for Production based machines. If you read the class rules, CR 23, CR 25 and CR 48, clearly state that the motor, trans and frame (chassis) must use as in OEM. ie: CR 23-Must use stock forced induction OEM engine. Engine must remain in stock location. CR 25-Must use stock OEM transmission in stock location. CR 48- Must use stock frame with stock pivot points. Must retain stock UTV appearance.
    If SCORE maintains the integrity of their own rules, then this would have to be based on the new Wildcat XX, as a pre-production UTV, to fit within the class rules.
    Last, what better way to generate excitement (which is much needed to bring back lost customers), than to place top 10, or win the Baja 1000, in a machine that Arctic Cat can say was a near stock machine (with safety and SCORE additions). The appearance may change slightly, radiator locations and cage may change some, but I think we are seeing the base chassis and engine, of the Wildcat XX. Lets hope that these great drivers, can put this machine on the podium and help save the Arctic Cat Corporate image.

  2. New photos coming in, do show it is a CVT and 3 cylinder.

  3. I like the hood but the grill and the lights are about the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

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