Finally a 72″ wide RZR! 2018 RZR Turbo S!

The time has arrived! Finally Polaris releases the 72″ wide RZR many have been asking and patiently waiting for!

Oh, and we had pics of it last July (don’t worry, we didn’t know what we were even looking at):


So no, we’re not looking at a fully redesigned machine that we expected to see. Now this may seem a bit disappointing at first, but after a bit of thinking we simply came to the conclusion of:

Why fix what’s not broken?

And that is true, perfectly true. The RZR is still the best selling side by side platform, even in the face of machines like the Yamaha YXZ, Can-Am Maverick X3, and the new Wildcat XX. So again, why change what’s already done so well for Polaris?

In the spirit of Polaris, they’ve dropped a 72″ wide longer travel unit that is 100% RZR.

Here’s the big details:

-72″ wide, 19″ front wheel travel, 21″ rear wheel travel.

-Monster 32″ ITP Coyote tires STOCK on 15″ rims.

-Fully upgraded interior with General-inspired gauge cluster, 7″ Ride Command screen, 4 point OEM harnesses, and Sparco steering wheel!

-Stronger axles, improved steering, more aggressive throttle mapping

-Same 168hp Prostar Turbo from the XP Turbo.


There’s been A LOT of misconception about the wording of Polaris’s suspension travel for this new unit. Here is the truth:

It has 19″ of front wheel travel, and 21″ of rear wheel travel. Not 25″ of wheel travel.

The “useable travel” spec that Polaris has touted SIMPLY refers to the distance from the bottom of the tire to the skid plate while the machine is at full droop. So, jack it up, and measure from the bottom of the tire to the skid plate and you get 25 inches.

This is the first time this terminology has been used from an OEM and in our opinion it isn’t an important figure.

What is important is the distance the wheel can move through the suspension and in this case the RZR falls short when compared to the only other 72″ wide machine on the market; the Maverick X3 XRS which has 22″ front and 24″ rear wheel travel.

Does suspension travel mean everything? No. But, it’s clear Polaris marketing thought it was important to muddy the water with the “25 inches of useable travel” talk because that’s more than Can-Am’s 24 inches of rear wheel travel.

Having said that, LETS CHECK OUT PICS!


So that’s it! A next jump in the RZR model line! We’ll have a full review after we drive the machine on March 8th 2018!

Curious to hear more of our opinions? Watch our video put out minutes after the release!


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  1. Any word on the four seater version.

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