Electronically adjustable RZR suspension? You betcha!

Fresh off the press is a new patent application from Polaris that has me dreaming about whats to come for the future.

Imagine this… you’re driving along the trail in your fresh 2018 Polaris RZR and there’s a fork… One way takes you to a high speed trail with whoops and jumps, another takes you to a slower paced rough trail maybe with some rocks… You just remembered that you have your suspension setup soft from your previous ride, plus the machines all muddy and nasty, plus your harnesses are on tight, so of course you don’t want to get out and fumble around trying to adjust the shocks to work properly for the high speed stuff. But what if you didn’t have to?

What if you could just turn a knob to a preset and the shocks would adjust themselves automatically? Sounds like something you’d see on a new Corvette ZR1, or a Ferrari, but definitely not a SXS.. right?


Check this out!

RZRsusp1This is EXACTLY what Polaris has in mind for their next-gen offroad machines! Can you imagine how simple this would be? No more messing with the shocks trying to get the exact perfect settings, Polaris already figures this out for you! I know in my Wildcat that even my simple Walker Evans shocks can make a world of difference in ride quality with just a simple adjustment of the compression dampening, but this system controls 3-way adjustable shocks no problem!

It also looks like you can adjust the shocks front and rear individually to customize your perfect setting!

RZRsusp2And check out how cool these shocks look:

RZRsusp3What an awesome idea by Polaris! It even looks like they’re going to include features to disconnect sway bars for maximum articulation!


And they’ve included a sketch of how the sway bar link would disconnect:

RZRsusp5How cool is that! Looks like Polaris is slowly bringing in big time offroad technology into their machines!

As with any patent, this technology is probably at a minimum a year out if not much more. But, if Polaris has spent their time and resources on such a project, it’s practically guaranteed to come out at some point.

The future of SXSs is looking awesome!

So would you buy a RZR with electronic suspension? Or are you of the “just another thing to break” crowd? Let us know below or on our Facebook page!

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3 Comments on "Electronically adjustable RZR suspension? You betcha!"

  1. Yes and yes
    It IS just another thing to break, and yep, I’d buy it.

  2. I’m certainly interested

  3. Just another adjustable gadget to put in front of your every day non educated consumer to mess more things up.

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