Can Am Maverick X3 XMR and Smart-Lok! LEAKED!! UPDATED!


We had a blog fan send us a full resolution copy of the X3 XMR and X3 Smart Lok brochure! The picture below is updated.


Looks like Can Am may have accidentally leaked info about their new X3 XMR and X3 with Smart Lok. We’ve transcribed the information below:


2018 Can Am Maverick X3 XMR:

  • -2 flavors, 64″ wide 120hp Turbo with 14″ of ground clearance and 72″ wide 172hp Turbo R with 15″ of ground clearance.
  • -Snorkled CVT intake/exhaust and engine intake
  • -Smart-Lok front locking differential from the X3 XRC with a special “MUD mode”
  • -30″ ITP Cryptid mud tires on 14″ wheels with beadlocks for the 72″ wide model
  • -Fox QS3 shocks
  • -4500lb winch with bumper similar to the X3 XRC
  • -Half doors
  • -Arched front and rear lower arms
  • $22,499 for the Turbo and $25,999 for the Turbo R

Now we’re certainly not surprised about the XMR, but we are glad that its coming! Several aftermarket companies have already shown how awesome the X3 can be when decked out in proper mud gear, so it will be awesome to see how well this model does when factory equipped!

Now onto the

2018 Can Am Maverick X3 with Smart-Lok technology:

  • -2 flavors, 2 seat and 4 seat XRS models
  • -Uses a fully-lockable “Smart-Lok” front differential which is very likely the same as in the XRC model but with new “Trail Activ” mode (why do they purposely misspell things to be unique? Anyways..)
  • -New Can Am Red coloration which appears to be red suspension/frame/cage with black everything else

Again, not super surprised by this model either. It is hard knowing that older non Smart-Lok machines could see a resale value decrease due to the availability of the locking front differential outside of the current XRC model but it is good to get the technology out past the rock-crawling crowd. What’s best about these updates is that the X3 can now fully block the haters who now can no longer say that the X3 is 3wd. That argument was certainly annoying.


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