Calling all Michiganders!

UPDATED: 4:28pm 8/27/15

This issue IS getting attention in Lansing!  The Governor’s office called us just minutes ago and stated that they had forwarded our information to a Michigan Senator who is going to take up this issue!

They seem to be particularly interested in the economic impact.  So please, contact the Governor’s office and make sure to mention how these machines can cost upwards of $25,000, it can cost thousands to prepare them for street use, and we would like to keep our access!

Keep calling / writing those representatives as well.  If we are successful enough to bring this to a vote, the more voices we have the better!

UPDATED: 2:10pm 8/27/15

We are learning that this policy change was enacted solely by the executive branch, without legislative approval, and that fixing this through the legislature may be a very difficult task.  However, you should still continue to voice your opinions to your representatives.

What else should we do?  Contact the Governor!!!  We did!  He is the one with jurisdiction over this matter. Contact Governor Snyder

Original Article:

UPDATED: 10:00pm 8/25/15

If you are a SXS enthusiast in the state of Michigan, you likely have already heard the news. If not, as of yesterday (August 24th, 2015), the Michigan Department of State has made the decision to no longer allow the registatration of side-by-side vehicles for use on public streets.

While these types of issues are outside of the normal area of focus for us here, we are always concerned when we hear of news that may hinder the growth of the sport we love, and felt compelled to spread this story.

The following is a statement distributed by MDOS:

Effective today, Monday, August 24, without fundamental and comprehensive changes in the construction of the vehicle, the Department will no longer accept applications for assembled titles and VIN stickers for vehicles that were manufactured as an ORV. These vehicles fail the test for an assembled vehicle designation for the same reasons the decision was made last month to no longer title modified golf carts:
1) These ORVs are not built from new or used parts by someone other than a manufacturer, and
2) ORVs that have had accessories added are not altered or modified to the extent that they no longer reflect their original manufacturer configuration.
ORV manufacturers state their vehicles are not designed for on-road use and include a statement on their MCOs that the vehicle was built for off-road use only.
Customers with applications in process will be notified of the policy change by the Regulatory Monitoring Division. The Department is notifying dealers of this policy change.
You will receive a cover letter, and your original ownership document via mail. A refund of application fees will be processed separately through the MDOS cashier office.

Steve McConnell, Regulation Manager
Regulatory Monitoring Division
Office of Investigative Services

We’re not sure what prompted this change,but we do know that anything which further limits access for use of these vehicles is NOT good for our sport!

So what can we do?

Contact your state representative and voice your displeasure with this decision!

Please, we urge you to be professional and courteous when doing so. Anything less will not help our cause. And make sure to mention the negative economic impact from this decision; loss of new vehicle sales, registration fees, local business stimulus, etc.

Find your representatives at Michigan Representatives and let our voices be heard!

Update:  Below is the letter being sent to dealers informing them of the changes

Dealer Letter

Dealer Letter (2)

While we understand that manufacturers of these vehicles designate them as ‘off-road only’ we still feel that owners making the significant modifications necessary to pass the inspection allows them to fit the definition and the spirit of an “assembled” vehicle.

Along with contacting your representative over this issue, you can also direct questions to:

Office of Investigative Services
Richard H Austin Building – 3rd Floor
430 W. Allegan
Lansing, MI 48918

(517) 241-8322

4 Comments on "Calling all Michiganders!"

  1. Michael Lesich | August 25, 2015 at 10:10 pm | Reply

    The letter is actually two pages – there is a second page to that Dealer Bulletin that states:

    “ORVs already titled as an assembled vehicle are not affected. The titles can be transferred and the vehicle will retain its status as an assembled vehicle.”

    That does not give me comfort at all. A “Dealer Bulletin”, while it may have the force of regulation, guarantees NOTHING with regards to “grandfathering” currently street-legal SxSs like my Ranger.

    I’ll be contacting my State Rep and State Senator, as well as the Secretary of State’s Office and sharing my concerns. Thanks for posting this.

    • Thank YOU for being involved! I’ll look for the second page to post as well, but agree that even currently plated SxSs could be at risk. And even if they get to keep their status, that is little consolation to the many who are currently stuck in the system or looking to street-legal their rides in the future.

  2. While this may seem a step in the wrong direction for UTV inthusiets, In many and most county’s Atv’s and UTV’S are legal on all roads except the Highways. This has little to no affect in the Upper Peninsula.

    • That’s a good point Dan, and we’re happy that many counties have made the decision to allow ORV access. Remember though, in these areas there is often a 25mph speed limit and you must stay on the shoulder of the road. While the access is great, it is nice to be able to travel at the speed limit making it more convenient to move around. There are also many trail systems & parks in the lower peninsula that are in counties which unfortunately don’t allow ORV travel.

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