BREAKING! New Yamaha YXZ drawings released in Yamaha patent!


New information exclusive to about the 2016 Yamaha YXZ from a recent Yamaha patent filing.

Below are screen shots from the patent:









This drawing appears to show a 5 speed MANUAL SHIFTER (!!!!) along with the longitudinally mounted 3 cylinder engine with a divorced 5 speed manual transmission.

yami3 yami4



These two drawings show the layout of the interior with regards to the engine and transmission. Most notable here is the presence of the manual shifter and layout of the divorced transmission.

yami5 yami6 yami7Shown here is the intricacies of the engine and divorced transmission layout. “Fig. 6” appears to show a single wet clutch, which may indicate that the YXZ is indeed a 5 speed MANUAL CLUTCHED machine.


And lastly there is a basic internal overview of the 5 speed transmission.

Below is the technical data from the patent. If any lawyers are reading, feel free to decipher this info for us in the comment section!

yami9 yami10 yami11 yami12 yami13 yami14 yami15Feel free to check back with us for the LATEST information on the SXS world!

9 Comments on "BREAKING! New Yamaha YXZ drawings released in Yamaha patent!"

  1. Best believe factory utv will have full skid packages when this comes out! 😉

  2. It looks like this is what we’ve all been waiting for! Cannot wait for this to come out and see how it changes the UTV market.

  3. Looks like this is what we’ve all been waiting for! Cannot wait for this to come out and see how it changes the UTV market.

  4. The detail description says that it can be manually shifted or automatically shifted with no input from the driver or both, so they have the bases covered. It also says the clutch could be a wet multi plate or a single dry plate so they covered that too.

  5. Drivetrain info was released by CARB earlier this week. 998 cc, 112 hp, 5 speed manual.

  6. September 1 can’t get here soon enough

  7. Ricochet Off-Road will have skid plates in Aluminum and UHMW. Of course with more options than anybody else including anodized colors and custom laser cuts too!

  8. i have a yaahma 660 and a yaahma 350 they r good for oklahoma but all i do with them mostley is drive down the roads from my house to town but they r very good atvsif u want to pull stuff get the lowered gear 350 if u want to off road get the 660 we have about 150 acres of land and what we do here is nothing like u have so just test drive them on your place and c what works for u yaahmas are kinda hard to start in the cold if u can get honda they r the best for hard work on a farm

  9. Was so excited about this new vehicle I had to create a forum for it! Cannot wait..

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