BREAKING! 2018 Wildcat XX turbo offered from OEM!

Hot off the press from the 2018 dealer meeting is news that Arctic Cat will be offering the 77-inch big horsepower model available as a production unit as opposed to the previous report of being available with accessory items only.

This is huge news considering that if it’s true, Arctic Cat will now be the horsepower leader in the sport side-by-side market as opposed to only being the naturally aspirated horsepower leader.

Word is that this new monster will be available to the public as a late 2018 model year release (that means expect to see them late this year).

We will update you about this information as we learn more from the dealer meeting.


3 Comments on "BREAKING! 2018 Wildcat XX turbo offered from OEM!"

  1. 77″ wide is going to really limit where this can be used, but it should be a lot of fun!

  2. That’s impressive, but it’s a straight up dune or desert race machine. There’s no way that monster would be allowed on our state trails.

  3. I only hope this is true. I loved the New Can Am last trip to the dunes but wished my Wildcat could have the HP that it always needed.
    Not worried about the suspension of the Wildcat when it comes to the dunes , that is where it is at IMO

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