BEAST MODE X3 Part 2! Evolution Powersports V-Flow Intake!

In part 2 of project BEAST MODE X3 we install the V-Flow intake from Evolution Powersports.

This setup allows you to decrease restriction and increase power, all while maintaining the factory filter capability!  No worries about skookin your motor with this bad boy, just MOAR POWA.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes on exhaust mods and a 2018 fuel pump upgrade, all leading up to a good rip buds.


For more information on the products used in the first stage of project Beast Mode, follow the links below:



V-flow air intake:

Cat delete:

2018 fuel pump upgrade:




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  1. You guys should try using a boot string (aka shoe string just a little stronger) for taking sprints on and off just put it in a u shape hook u in spring wrap other two ends around your hands and pull. Never slips off never have bloodie knuckles best part is it will be the cheapest tool you own

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