As if we needed more confirmation, the 2017 Wildcat will be a beast!

As rumored by us back in December, Arctic Cat has officially announced to dealers that they put the kibosh on the 2016 Robby Gordon Edition models of the 1000 and Sport 700 seen below:

So big deal, we already pretty much knew/expected this. But, we were left with an official word from Arctic Cat about why. Until now! Released earlier this week, AC put out word to their dealers about the situation:

“Last August at the Dealer Show we announced our new partnership with Robby Gordon and Todd Romano. At that time we revealed two separate but related Wildcat product development initiatives. The first was the launch of a Robby Gordon Special Edition version of our existing Wildcat X and Wildcat Sport models that was originally planned to ship during the back half of Model Year 16. The second initiative was a sneak peek of the new look model year ‘17 Robby Gordon Wildcat which will feature many new innovations that will be part of this exciting new partnership. We have decided not to launch either of the 2016 Special Editions this model year and instead will concentrate our entire development efforts on the model year ‘17 Robby Gordon Wildcat.
Here is why- we are extremely encouraged with the innovation and performance of the Robby Gordon designed vehicles we have in test. We think that by combining the right power with Robby’s design and game changing suspension we will have vehicles that will revolutionize the industry starting next model year and continuing for many years to come. However, we also realize how important it is to build and test this vehicle the right way…we think by offering the “entire package”, including the Speed Accessory line, we will have performance and styling that will change the industry.
We look forward to sharing all of the new Wildcat models at the show later this year.” 

I think what they’re trying to say is this: “Give us a little time so we can finish up development of a 3 cylinder supercharged monster that we can throw at the Wildcat 1000. Oh, and it’s going to be reliable too!”

So as time progresses, we’re learning more and more about this new Wildcat. We know the dealer show is in August and we’ve finally got real confirmation from AC that they are expecting this new Wildcat to be released as a 2017 model, which you can typically expect to see hitting the showrooms around the September/October timeline.

Our fingers and toes are crossed that AC holds up their end of the deal and provides us with a groundbreaking machine.

Stay tuned to us, we’ll always be first on the biggest industry news/rumors/and stories.

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