Arctic Cat Trail / Sport 1000 v-twin! WHHAAAATT!!!?!

We’ve just uncovered what could possibly be one of the craziest moves Arctic Cat has made in the SXS industry!

The hot selling, overly capable, wallet saving Wildcat Trail / Trail Sport line may very well be getting a variation of the AC H2 V-twin engine with an external transaxle!! We’re talking 90 plus hp (or more!) in a 50″ or 60″ Wildcat Trail! What a SCREAMER!


Here’s why this is so nuts:

  1. The Wildcat Trail / Trail Sport currently runs a 700cc Kymco motor that pumps out approximately 60 to 65hp. And with proper bolt ons, clutch work, and tuning it runs right along with the big boys. Don’t believe me? Check out this video:
  2. The current Wildcat 1000 has the H2 engine which pumps out approximately 92hp. If you were to just stuff that into the Wildcat Trail / Trail Sport, you’re talking nearly a 50% increase in power! While clearly this engine isn’t the EXACT one coming from the Wildcat, it certainly shares the v-twin heads/intake from the H2. Could it be a 800, 900, or a 1000? Absolutely. But we’re talking MASSIVE power gains at a minimum!
  3. This is a DIRECT shot towards Polaris with their very successful RZR 900s, and it will likely come in at a price point much lower than Polaris.
  4. Because the Wildcat Trail Sport is so capable (did you know a factory stock Trail Sport XT finished 2nd in the Pro UTV class at 2015 King of Hammers?!) the added power will only help further the Trail Sport deeper into badass territory. Plus you can say bye bye to the tingy 700cc inline twin exhaust note and hello to the 1000cc v-twin rumble!

This entire machine has been revealed under the guise of a engine/transmission coupler patent. Can you believe it?! Here’s the rest of the pictures:


Above you can see an obvious v-twin H2 based engine paired with a transxle.


Above is a assembled shot with the exhaust showing the engine without clutches.

Above is a picture of the setup in the frame. That front cylinder looks to be protruding pretty far into the chassis! And you also can note that yes that is a Wildcat Sport chassis.


Above is the drivers side with the clutches and belt mounted.


And lastly, above is the parting shot of the entire machine. What we’re looking at here is a 50″ Trail model. We can assume this v-twin engine will span across all Trail models!


THAT’S ALL FOLKS! A look towards the future of a trail ripping monster from Arctic Cat.

Hey AC, care to send me one of these for the 2017 MWXC race season?!

And I think I speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU ARCTIC CAT FOR FINALLY PUMPING SERIOUS POWER INTO YOUR MACHINES! We can’t wait to see what 2017 has to offer….


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