Arctic Cat dealer show!! Will the Wildcat XX make an appearance?

It’s that time again folks, more speculation about what’s to come for our friends at Arctic Cat. Had you read through the admittedly click-batey style article about AC being acquired by Textron you may have been lead to believe all hope was lost. Honestly, we were right there with you at that moment. The delays, the broken promises, it all made sense at the time. But as the dust settled it seems as if the Wildcat train may have somehow actually become more powerful instead of running out of gas…

So, dealer meeting time. Remember all those great things we speculated on in the past? The Wildcat Trail Sport 1000cc v-twin, the Wildcat XX? Yeah, THOSE SHOULD BE COMING NOW!

If everyone recalls, Arctic Cat decided to release things in waves. First being mid 2016 utility models, second wave being late 2016 with the RG Pro models (more on that in a second), and third wave being the XX and whatever else they had in store. But it seems as if the tides have changed and the waves may be coming at different times. Here’s what we know:

  1. The RG Pro suspension Wildcat 1000 is likely not going to come out. If it does, it will not be featured as a 2017 model year machine.
  2. The Wildcat XX will be released mid/late 2017 as a 2018 model. FI. NAL. LY. We’ve reported on it enough, but expect this: 22″ travel, 130ish hp N/A with a turbo option that MAY OR MAY NOT be available from the factory.
  3. The engine package for the XX is not 100% clear to us at this time. But, it will likely be one of these two things: A n/a 998 Yamaha motor, or a sleeved down 1049cc snowmobile motor.
  4. The Wildcat Trail Sport 1000 v-twin SHOULD be a monster. We expect similar HP to the Wildcats v-twin (you know, a vague “90+ hp”) or quite possibly it might slip into the low 100 hp range. Regardless, it will be a direct shot towards the RZR 900s and 1000s especially in the price department.

I say take these things with a grain of salt though. With the Textron train just starting to roll out there may be some more delays. Also, AC is dealing with some interesting legal issues regarding roll cages that we will touch on at a later date because we’re still gathering information.

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  1. Cat released an official comment regarding the RG Pro on Feb 10th. It stated the RG Pro was being delayed to a 2018 model with a summer release due to steering and roll over regulations imposed on UTV during recertification.

    There’s also very common knowledge regarding the 998 motor being designed by Yamaha so it can be used in both snow AND dirt applications (see snow applications and the crank coupler and why it’s there).

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