Another competitor release, another Yamaha YXZ teaser…

We know a few things about the soon to be released Yamaha YXZ, and we also know the boys in blue are trying very hard to keep our attention focused on their new contender.

If you recall, immediately after the announcement of Polaris’ new turbocharged RZR, Yamaha had a video for us.

Last night Arctic Cat announced their 2016 lineup, and mere hours later another Yamaha teaser hits the net, reminding us to keep our eyes on the prize and claiming “The dawn of a whole new era”.

The full video can be seen here: Dawn of a New Era

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to take much away from this latest video, but it does give us a nice sound byte of that 112hp triple.

We’re enthused that Yamaha marketing appears to be calling out the big competition, and can’t wait to see the impact to the SXS world.  Although we’ve been able to learn much about the new ride through our research, there is still much to find out and September 1st can’t come fast enough.  Between now and then, stay tuned to for the very latest!

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