Adding HP to the Can Am Maverick: CFM Performance aluminum air box!

Let’s be honest; the off -road world and sport of SXSing isn’t an inexpensive hobby. In a world full of blown belts and gallons upon gallons of 91+ octane, the only thing standing between you and a great time is your credit card.


If you’re like me though, you love to tinker with your new machine. I bought my 2014 Maverick XRS for a couple reasons; the biggest being the 101 horsepower the Rotax V-Twin unleashes with a mash of the skinny pedal. Although, after owning something for X amount of time, you get accustomed to the power. For the price of some aftermarket engine modifications in the UTV world, you would think you’re buying parts for an Audi R8. But what if I told you there exists such a part that can give you a respectable power increase, make your machine easier to service, and save you a few bucks over the lifespan of your machine?


You might ask……..”Rick…..where’s your magic genie to get me this?”


I wasn’t finished yet…….How about all those great benefits for around $200.


Yeah…..I said it.


Let me introduce to you the CFM Performance ATV aluminum air intake box for 2013-2016 Maverick, XMR, XRS, XXC, and Max. I came across these guys as I was searching around for a way to cost effectively benefit my Maverick in more than one way. CFM Performance ATV is based out of Mayville, MI (about ~40 minutes away from my residence). I for one am a huge proponent of supporting local businesses, and also fellow enthusiasts who build parts for our machines! I’ll get into the details that everybody wants to hear:


QUALITY: This air box is a piece of art. When I pulled it out of its packaging, I initially thought I saw FDR’s face on the welds…..turns out it isn’t held together by coins, but the TIG beads laid down throughout the entire box sure do look like stacked dimes! It’s manufactured out of 0.083” 5052 aluminum and stainless steel hardware. The attention to detail is very impressive and is reflected in how the box fits in the Maverick. Sometimes, when you buy a product specifically for your machine, the install often takes longer than anticipated due to having to modify or tweak a part for everything to line up with the factory mounts. The CFM Performance ATV intake box literally fits better than stock. All mounting provisions align precisely, giving you a simple install and a great look.


PERFORMANCE: This is what we all want to know: What will I gain power wise from this air intake box? Here’s where CFM Performance really sets itself apart from its competitors. You are able to utilize the air box in 3 different fashions. Included with the air box are 2 different lids: A full lid, which covers the entire top part of the air box, utilizing the factory air intake tube on the passenger side of the box; and a lid with openings on the driver and passenger side of the box to allow more air flow, along with the factory intake tube. You can also choose to run the box with no lid. Here’s the gains you should see according to CFM based on how you configure the box:

FULL LID – 2 horsepower gain


VENTILATED LID – 4 horsepower gain


NO LID – 6 horsepower gain (requires fuel controller)



Note when using either lid, factory engine management is sufficient to accommodate the additional airflow.


VALUE: As I mentioned above between the CFM Performance ATV air intake box, the UNI dual layer washable foam filter (You can choose a K&N, if desired), and the crankcase breather filter, you’re looking at around $200. Now, let’s get into a topic I’m all about: Saving money. While you’re probably not going to be putting away enough money to retire on from the long term savings of the box, in the long run it can be thought of as taking money off of the initial investment. On average you can plan on spending $40-$50 for an OEM paper filter. When that thing is clogged up with dust and debris, it’s done (or maybe you turn it into a Frisbee for the dunes if you’re a frugal Rick). The UNI dual layer foam filter is washable and can be found easily on CFM Performance’s site when ordering your air box, for $30 (note the UNI does not come pre-oiled). They also sell a round K&N if you are more of a fan of that material filter. I have chosen to wrap my UNI filter in an Outerwears pre-filter, as a lot of the trails here in Michigan contain very fine particles, sand, and other suspensions that linger in the air. The pre-filter is even easier to clean and can really extend the life of your primary filter. The lids mentioned above are also very easy to remove with an Allen key. There is no fighting to remove or install the lids back on the machine, saving you time during filter cleanings/replacements.


To wrap this up, Jason and the folks at CFM Performance ATV are great to deal with. They make a great product and are just like you readers, they’re enthusiasts! I was very happy to come across them in my searches and even happier to find out they were local to me. Do yourself a favor and pick one of their aluminum air intake boxes up for your 2013-2016 Maverick today!


Check out our install video here:


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