2020 RZR Turbo S Velocity edition!

Changes are coming to the 2020 RZR product line starting with the first 2020 RZR announcement:

The 2020 Polaris RZR Turbo S Velocity edition!


Big story

Polaris keeps the Turbo S velocity tough by utilizing all the previous Turbo S improvements and geometry changes. BUT they have removed the Fox live-valve shocks to swap them for Walker Evans 3.0 velocity shocks with high/low speed compression dampening adjustment (and we’re assuming) rebound adjustment. They’ve also made this 72″ machine even more value oriented by removing not only the fancy shocks but ride command as well.

Behind the scenes

Polaris has made some small improvements over the previous Turbo S models by adding further steering assist (25% more!), changed throttle mapping, and a redesigned clutch box for better airflow and belt cooling. Interesting on the last note!

At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, good thing about it is

Value focused 72″ inch model that we’ve yet to see from other manufacturers. Will it jump as good as the previous Turbo S models with Fox live valve shocks? We’ll find out soon!

Thank you for reading! Until next time:

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13 Comments on "2020 RZR Turbo S Velocity edition!"

  1. Sounds like a lighter, quicker model that should be more race ready. I’d love to get the Battlefield addition though.

  2. That is Siiiiiiiick! Pricing will be everything for this model. If it hits a decent price point I think it can really sell.

  3. Marc Leukhardt | January 29, 2019 at 4:01 pm | Reply

    Dear Team,

    When you guys receive your Talon, please do a legit long term test, with periodic updates from different terrains/regions. Please no lame ass tracks, weirdo tires, gay seats… keep it legit, and stock for a period of time, then go apeshit on it. If you are ever in the Reno area (one of the highest densities of UTV ownership in the country) I’d like to hook up with guys, we have the best terrain in the country for riding, 90 minutes from Rubicon, 90 minutes from Sand Mountain, 60 minutes from Fordyce, Moon Rocks is in our back yard. Rocks, Trails, Sand, High Desert, Forrest, Snow, Mud, high speed desert roads…all near by. Love your channel, and blog, keep up the good work.

    Go fast and take chances!

    President Del Fuegos Off Road Association,
    AMA/SRA/AFM Crew Chief

  4. Michael Messner | February 4, 2019 at 9:54 am | Reply

    Sweet – is there a MSRP on this?

  5. Hi, do you have any insight as to when these (Velocity edition) will be hitting dealerships? This will be my weapon of choice to start my new build! Love your vid’s, keep it up.

  6. Did they do anything with front and rear diffs and axles? Seem like they are a weak point across the board (with the exception of the Turbo).

  7. Dan "El Salto" R | March 5, 2019 at 1:36 am | Reply

    Hey guys, love your videos on YouTube! Had to comment. I just bought the new Velocity edition because my 2016 XP Turbo is in the shop getting fixed with blown head gasket. I have to say after putting 175 miles on it these last 2 weekends in Glamis, it is a huge improvement and I am really happy with it, even stock. I can’t wait to feel it with sand tires and some better springs at least. One thing I have on the 2016 is the Shock Therapy tune. I really wish Polaris would put a tender spring that has some movement so the chop doesn’t kill you. I feel like the first thing I want to do is fix the springs. Then because of watching your videos, I want to do the Evo Tune. MSRP $25,399 which Coyne Powersports in El Centro gave me a good deal (thanks Chris!)

  8. The Ride Command never got much love from Polaris. It seems like they forgot about it a long time ago. The last update was in 2016. Can’t even use my GoPro 7 with it, last one supported is the GoPro 5.

  9. I just bout the turbo s 4 and changed out the stock muffler. Do I need to do a tuner on on it.

    • If you want to get some real power out of it then yes! An EVO tune is the way to go. You won’t hurt it running it without though.

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