2020 Honda Talon TURBO & 4 SEATER First Look!

UPDATED 04JUN19 – New turbo pictures and first ride review

If you had any doubt you shouldn’t now, Honda is here to play.

Just 6 months after the release of their first entry into the sport market, we’re already getting significant new models. These are exciting times indeed.

First and foremost, today we got the first look at the highly anticipated turbo offering for the Talon, and here it is:

Honda Talon Turbo Baby!
GT17 Garrett Turbo
More Terba

3What you’re looking at is a Honda Talon turbo kit developed by Jackson Racing. If you’ve spent any time in the sport compact world you know these guys have been doing this for decades and they don’t play around.

The highlights:

  • GT17 sized Garrett Turbo delivers approximately 165 hp at 8psi on 91 Octane
  • NO engine modifications necessary
  • NO welding / fabrication necessary, direct bolt-on
  • Uses stock fuel pump
  • Jackson Racing ECU tuner is used to flash ECU. Shifting changes are available for various tire sizes up to 32″
  • TIG welded 0.120″ wall stainless turbo manifold for durability
  • CAD designed cast aluminum intercooler tanks (air-to-air w/ electric fan) and intake
  • 50-state emissions compliant

This kit is designed to maintain the OEM level dependability and drive-ability you expect from a company like Honda. So how much does it cost?

The expected MSRP is $5,799.99 and the kits will be available this fall.

Talon Turbo Manifold
Talon Turbo Cast Aluminum Intake
Garrett Turbocharger for Honda Talon

Check out our first ride below!


We also got the first look at the new Talon 1000X-4 and 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve, and here is what we saw:

  • 4 Seats – Obviously….but not quite that simple. The Talon 4 seaters feature “stadium” seating which places the back seat riders 50mm inboard and 75mm higher than the front seats, allowing them to see better and enjoy the ride more. Based on our experience with other 4 seat machines, this is a great idea.
The Talon 1000X-4 Stadium Seating improves back seat visibility
  • Launch Control – Who doesn’t like that? The Talon already does a pretty good job from a dig, but push this little button, hold both paddles back, and it now gets moving with some extra motivation thanks to a wide open throttle start. We’ll be testing this soon…
Line em up! Launch Mode helps get the Talon out of the hole for 2020
  • FOX Live Valve – You may recognize this technology from Polaris’ Dynamix lineup, and it works awesome. This allows your suspension to self-tune on the fly and adjust for conditions & driving style. This system takes input from sensors all over the vehicle and uses information like shock compression speed, steering angles, throttle and brake positions, and even vehicle orientation to make shock adjustments 16 times per second. The overall feel can be adjusted by the driver through a rocker switch allowing you to select “Normal” or “Sport” modes.
FOX Live Valve technology keeps your shocks dialed in on the fly
  • Hill Start Assist – Honda has added hill start assist as another feature of its intelligent braking system. Now in addition to managing stability and traction control, by depressing this button the brakes will automatically hold the machine still for you while starting on a slope. Slick.
Hill Start Assist helps you take off on a hill if you aren’t a left foot braker
  • 2 Colors – Grey / Orange for the Live Valve edition & Grey / Red for the standard 4 seat
Metallic Grey / Metallic Orange
Metallic Grey / Pearl Red

The rest of the Talon mostly carries over from the 2019 model year. It features the same 999cc inline twin & 6-speed DCT that we’ve been putting to the test for the last few months with no issues. To see that action check out our YouTube channel.

Here’s the nitty gritty on the specs. Nothing too surprising here, although it is worth noting that the 4-seat models do get a slightly larger fuel tank, and are not overly chunky at less than 1,800 lbs.

2020 Honda Technical Specifications

Even though we haven’t been able to get real seat time in the new 4-seaters yet we believe this is an excellent offering from Honda and will likely hit the market in an area which isn’t flooded with options. If you’re a YXZ or Wildcat XX fan that’s been waiting for a 4-seat option, this should have your attention.

While we await our chance to get out and rips these things you can check out our video and additional pictures from the Honda release event below. Don’t forget to check out all of the SXS content available on our YouTube Channel, as well as Facebook and Instagram!

FOX Live Valve Control Unit

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  1. beautiful, we have a 4 seater 2015 1000 razor and are looking to update. How much is going to run?

  2. Bam! I nailed it on the guessing game.

  3. Fast Freddy Muldoon | June 4, 2019 at 8:39 am | Reply

    Honda just upped the ante. Exciting times for our hobby.

  4. Hill start assist is standard on 2019 talons.

  5. Nice work on this video. Love your stuff. We developed some RokBlokz for the Talon two-seater. Looking forward to this 4-seater.

  6. How much boost can the stock engine hold and still be reliable I wonder?

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