2019 Polaris RZR 1000 RS1, WHAT?!

Nothing like waking up on a boring Thursday morning to come across some crazy side by side news plastered all over Facebook. Well, it’s not actually a “side by side” more of a “self by self” BUT clearly this thing is wild.

Say hello to the Polaris RZR 1000 RS1!

Ummmmmmmm, what?! WHAT?

Yeah, you’re seeing that right. A single seat 1000cc Ace DESTROYER that looks like a XP1000 that got sectioned down the middle.

In fact, this machine appears to share a lot of design and suspension cues from the XP1000.

So without further adieu, here’s our official “best guess specs” for the 2019 RZR 1000 RS1:

-1000cc “XP1000 inspired” Prostar engine. 100hp

-dual a-arm front suspension with 16″ travel

-trailing arm 3-link rear suspension with 16″ travel

-60″ width with 27″ Bighorns all around

-MSRP of who the F knows.

Well isn’t that just interesting. With all the thoughts in our minds of Polaris making a X3 contender we’re served a surprise of a badass 1 seat unit; something that certainly will come as a surprise to many Polaris fans. Although, who knows what to expect from the biggest manufacturer in the industry…

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7 Comments on "2019 Polaris RZR 1000 RS1, WHAT?!"

  1. Pretty neat but do you realize that “leaks” can cost some a career?

  2. 17 xpturbo with fox shocks is definetly a contender for a x3 imho.

  3. Why are they compared to a x3 when a x3 is a two seater and this is single?

  4. Not pertaining to this article but when and where are you guys coming to Idaho in 2018? Wife and I would like to meet up with you guys and ride….all my buddies and I are just like you guys, love to ride and have great times..lots of great awesome trails here. Keep making your great videos, 🤙🤙✌️

  5. If a leaked photo could cost your job, maybe you shouldn’t take photos? I think it will be pretty sweet, I love my x3 but if they could make an x3 teryx4 love child, I’d buy 2.

  6. I’ll wait till next year when they come with a RZR RS1 Turbo!!

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