2019 Maverick X3 release, round 1!

On the heels of our, as some are saying, “fake news” DCT X3 article BRP this morning just released their 2019 round 1 updates for the X3.

Now before everyone loses their mind screaming “YOU WERE WRONG” lets not forget that historically BRP has released new model year changes in waves, typically mid-year June timing for round 1 then later fall timing for round 2. We’re still confident a DCT X3 is coming.

BUT, the new 2019 model year changes are nothing to skoff at! Having put time into a X3 it’s refreshing to know that Can-Am is listening and making incremental changes to the machine to improve it.

If you haven’t paid attention, since the 2017 X3 release Can-Am has done a BOAT LOAD of improvements in a very short time:

  1. They made a locking differential machine
  2. A rock crawling specific machine
  3. A mud specific machine
  4. Multiple variations (120hp turbo, 900cc non turbo) to enable a lower entry price point for the X3 family

And now for 2019 they’ve listened and made some very welcome changes. Here’s the list:

  1. Every 2019 X3 model gets revised tri-mode DPS to increase the low-speed assist. This WAS an issue with earlier models.
  2. Numerous “significant engineering adjustments” from a redesigned front sway bar link to a new cover for the ECU.

The revised power steering changes will certainly be well received for the 2019 model year and we also look forward to learning more about the additional small improvements made.

Can-Am has also dug deeper into co-branded partnerships with our friends from S3 and LSR for accessories that we know will be high quality.

So that’s all for the 2019 round 1 Maverick X3 release.

We’re we totally wrong? Will our competitors keep referring to our articles with crying/laughing emojis on Facebook? We’ll see.

Until then, check out stuff out below:

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2 Comments on "2019 Maverick X3 release, round 1!"

  1. Jason Osborn | June 1, 2018 at 11:10 am | Reply

    Got rid of the 900HO from the website. Only turbo models are listed under the x3 for what its worth. New colors are cool for sure. Knew the diff would happen. It was one of the “weak” points that people complained most about as well as the steering. Wondering what the difference is between the Smart-lok differentials. There are 3 versions; Trail Activ, Rock Mode and Mud Mode. Glad to see they are knocking out some of the easier things before the new stuff comes out later this year. Also am I crazy or are the BRP window nets and door mounted mirrors new as well?

  2. Get rid of the belt then they will be on top for sure, don’t think I’ll get any disagreement I don’t expect.

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