2019 Can-Am Media Intro! We’re There!

Well, at least one of us is.

Once again our fearless leader and dedicated media event dude is out there figuring out what’s new and cool in the land of side-by-sides.

This week Nick is in British Columbia checking out what Can-Am has released for 2019 (so far…).  Look for a full report soon, and plenty of video coverage from the beautiful mountains of BC.

All you guys asking us to cover some of the smaller framed SXSs may like this one!


5 Comments on "2019 Can-Am Media Intro! We’re There!"

  1. Michael Messner | August 17, 2018 at 8:04 am | Reply

    Very cool – what power are these in? how did they perform and fit/finish?

  2. The 2019 Can-Am Sport is a sweet ride. 60” is nice here in the Eastern US woods and trails.

  3. Damn it ! Cool go Lenardo ! Get ya some hahaha
    Hey when’s that sand trip Video with new tires coming out ?? Freaking bored here in SanDiego LMAO

  4. Damn you’re finally in my neck of the woods and I missed it.☹️

  5. Any news on a DCT?

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