2018 Polaris RZR Turbo spy shot: Next-gen KILLER!

Well hello there, are you the new 2018 big boy Polaris RZR?!!?!

Let’s just look at a few facts:

2013: Can-Am comes out with the Maverick 1000 101hp. The first SXS over 100hp! woohoo!

2014: Polaris releases the XP1000. The end all be all for the true gen-1 sport side by sides.

2015: Can-Am comes out with the Maverick XDS Turbo! 121hp! The first turbo sport SXS! woohoo!

2016: Polaris releases the XP Turbo. 141hp! A true killer!

2017: Can-Am releases the X3 Turbo! A true next-generation sport SXS. Crazy power, crazy travel! woohoo!

2018: Polaris releases the…………………

See where I’m going with this?

Polaris has never backed down from a battle at the top. Can-Am also has historically never been afraid to show their hand first, which is why everyone is currently losing their mind over the X3 XRS and its crazy suspension and engine.

There’s no denying that the X3’s low slung frame, the big OEM tires, the wide stance, and the 3-cylinder screaming motor make it the king of the side by side hill right now. Everyone has their brand preference, but if I was an alien dropped onto Earth I’d want an X3 XRS over a RZR Turbo every day of the week.

So where does this leave us? Well, Polaris certainly has something in the works and there’s no ifs ands or buts about it. They have NEVER sat back and let someone trump them for any discernible amount of time and we can promise that a new chassis is coming.

If we had to guess (maybe we’re not guessing?) we would say that the new (2018?) RZR Turbo will match the width and the suspension travel that the X3 offers. There will also be width variations between 64″ and 72″. The Prostar inline 2 cylinder mill will remain with likely the same power, but a small bump is possible. 168hp in the Polaris is nothing to skoff at, and it still bests the X3 by 14hp.

Here’s the breakdown:

2018(2019?) Polaris XP Turbo:

-2 width options: 64″ and 72″

-2 power options: 181hp from the fire breathing turbo Prostar 925cc mill, or an all new Prostar triple with 187hp… We’re not sure on this yet!

-Suspension travel at 22″ front 24″ rear with standard dual a-arm fronts and 3-link trailing arms out back. Don’t fix what’s not broke, just make it better!

-4 seaters available with time, of course. 

-Low slung chassis with 14″ ground clearance, lower seating position, and more comforts than before. A slight wheel base increase as well.

-30″ tires stock on the 72″ model. 

-Still a retain of the Polaris RZR look. Square nose with a slightly upward sloping rear fender area. Nothing new, but definitely  a big face lift.

-Polaris will still have the Fox shocks that are similar to the ones developed for the current XP Turbo. 3.0 Fox IBPs on the 72″, and 2.5s everywhere else.


That’s it for now, we’ll keep you updated!!

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5 Comments on "2018 Polaris RZR Turbo spy shot: Next-gen KILLER!"

  1. mericaneagle | June 8, 2017 at 4:27 pm | Reply

    That looks to be Tanner Foust’s race car…just saying….

  2. I have own many Polaris over the years. But and this is a big but. Entil they prove to me they can build a utv that won’t have recall after recall. I won’t be buying one.
    They should get their quality control on order before they change anything

  3. The Polaris line back in the day was a good machine but over the last 10 years they have went down hill bad. I wheel bearings are junk after 500 miles or less the A arm bushing are also bad carrier bearing about ever 1000 miles then belts and recalls on top of all that. This goes to show all they care about is making money and not the customer. The RZR spends as must time being work on as being ridden. Yes they sell a lot but that’s due to marketing not delivering a good product.

    • Are you nuts? Polaris used to be crap. I’ve had many rzr’s and they’ve been great! Are their things that can be better? Yes, but they do seem to fix shortcomings with newer models.

  4. If the next Polaris retains the Edsel front grill we’re out.
    The X3 is sexy and proven reliable.

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